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A Nolastname

on 18 December 2017

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Transcript of Contronics

Keeping food fresh and wholeseome
Reduce food waste by 50%
Fresh in > Fresh out
"Leonardo da Vinci was not an inventor. He was brilliant at copying, combining and improving existing techniques."
First ultrasonic humidifier
European trophy for innovation and success
In 2002 the company was awarded the EUREKA Lynx Trophy for innovation and its commercial success of the Sanifogger and the Travelfogger.

In the same year the fogging system for non-refrigerated fruit and vegetable displays was invented and Contronics introduced Fresh in > Fresh out. Cooling was realised without energy eating compressors saving 90% on power consumption.
Though it will be a challenge to provide the world's population with fresh healthy food, Contronics is taking it. With their techniques and and produce equipment Contronics is making an important contribution.
They have set the target to reduce the waste of fresh food by 50% in 2050. They underline their vision and mission with clear targets:

Thursday, August 20, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 283
Contronics works with dealers and agents worldwide. To develop and produce their products, the company works with partners in development, OEM and preferred suppliers. You will find products in humidification, chemical neutralization and electronic motor control.

There are over 25.000 operating systems. Since this only covers 1% of the target market, Contronics seeks for new business partners who are willing to contribute. If you have a brilliant idea or need a partner to develop and produce your idea, please contact Contronics and they will get in touch with you.

1% target market has been reached
Worldwide partners
Founded in 1981, Contronic developed the first ultrasonic humidifier in 1984.

In 1999 with the support of the EUREKA organization in Brussels, Contronics developed the Sanifogger, the first safe humidification concept which keeps fresh products fresh in refrigerated environments. A tremendous step forward in hygiene and durability.
Keeping food fresh and wholesome
Mission and Vision with a challenge

reduce food waste
healthy living and eating
careful use of raw materials and sustainable approach to environment
provide the world with fresh healthy food
Contronics Engineering bv is a Dutch company, that designs, produces innovative, sustainable equipment in the areas of keeping food fresh, healthy living conditions and sensible use of natural sources. In short, Contronics creates mist. Mist in order to keep fresh food longer fresh.

The management is inspired by, considered on of the most diversely talented person in the western world, Leonardo DaVinci. Continually improving using specialist knowledge s.a. frequency control, water management and humidification.
A Dutch company creating mist
13.000 supermarkets in 30 countries
Contronics is coordinating the three year project NanoBAK2, testing a novel proofing system that can slash energy consumption by 60%. The NanoBAK2 has been developed by support of the EC and should end in Oct. 2015.
Not only supermarket stores are the target market, you will find the systems of Contronics also in Coldstores, the Industry and as a OEM.
One joint motto: WE STAY FRESH!

Contronics is market leader, with 25.500 operating humidifying systems in 30 countries worldwide. Most in France, Germany and Great Britain.
Up to 50% of fruit and vegetables ends up in trash bin. 20% during production, 15% during transport, 15% at home or hotel and catering.
Contronics' humidification system is the only system in the world especially developed for fresh food.
Humidification systems in 13.000 supermarkets.

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