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Dracula- Christian Salvation

No description

Grace Barre

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Dracula- Christian Salvation

Christian Salvation
By: Brittany Bowden,
Grace Barre and Rachel
Caldwell Charle's Darwin's "Origin of Species" (1859) challenged the ideas of christianity and made people doubt their beliefs. Bram Stoker uses many methods in Dracula to express the power of Christian Salvation to the audience and to reassure them of the strength of christianity. He provides an overall theme that Christianity conquers evil. He conveys this overall theme with: perversion of the
sacraments the idea that
everyone is saved emergence of
religious items Examples:
people tried to give "idoltrous" items to Harker before he goes to Draculas castle because they believe these items will protect him.
They put communion wafers in Dracula's earth boxes so he can no longer rest in them.
They sealed Mina's room with communion wafers and also Van Helsing crumbled communion wafers around her to protect her. Throughout the book religious items like crucifixs and communion wafers are used to combat Dracula
and other evils. This is a reference to the power of christianity over evil. Stoker uses parallelism between the actual sacraments and a perversion
of the sacraments. Mina drinks blood from a cut on Dracula's breast and by
drinking his blood, she will turn into one of the undead. This mirrors the idea
that Catholics have of salvation through drinking the blood of Christ. In the Book, Stoker's view of salvation is that everyone
is saved except for the Undead. This mirrors the Christian
belief that Jesus died to save everyone so that we could be
forgiven from sin. Example:
"a look of peace such as [Mina] could never have imagined
might have rested there". This is a description of the look on
Dracula's face after the men killed him. Even Dracula, the most
evil devil like creature was saved and reached eternal peace
despite the things he had done. The End.
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