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Project Based Blended Learning

No description

Brian Gervase

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Project Based Blended Learning

Discovery Labs
Performance Tasks
Modeling Labs
Students demonstrate the ability to perform the smaller tasks necessary to complete a high quality portfolio artifact
Tasks & labs plug together in the harbor in portfolio projects
Micro Skills to solve Macro Problems
Each student arranges the pieces differently
Does the student put the pieces together coherently?
Can the student find a solution to an authentic problem?
Water is the foundation
Video Instruction
Self Guided
Mastery Based
Student Responsibility
Multiple ways to support on demand
LMS assistant
Students can drown!
Need to learn how to swim
Minimum Pace
Swimming requires effort from both teacher & student
The boats can float because of the water!
Flipped Math Department
A Portfolio Based Mastery Learning Lab
Harbor Projects
Build Strong Cities
Students Reflect on Portfolio Work
What could I have done to improve my work?
What new questions do I have?
Make Connections to Priority Standards
What 'math' did I need to know in order to explore my problem?
What was hard for me to master? Why was it important for me to persevere and learn the math?
Personal Website Houses Portfolios
Students need practice reflecting on own work
Web design overwhelming
Don't wait until the last minute
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