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Daewoo Express Bus Service Pakistan

No description

muhammad irfan

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Daewoo Express Bus Service Pakistan

Areas of Research
Organization: Daewoo Express Bus Service, Pakistan

Strategies of Organization
Organizational Structure
HR Practices

Brief Introduction
President of Daewoo Express Pakistan: Mr. C.I.Kim

Incorporation: December, 1997
Beginning of Express Bus Service: April, 1998
Beginning of City Bus Service: November, 1999
Took over by Sammi Corporation, Korea: January, 2004

It is the "Single most" transport company having international links
Basic Infrastructure
Group Members
Waseem Haider
Aman ullah
Shahbaz Ahmad
Aoun Muhammad
Muhammad Hamza
Muhammad 1r5a9
25 Sub Terminals
200+ Buses operating in more than 33 cities
17 Main Terminals
Corporate Strategy
Conglomerate Diversification

"The strategy used to add new businesses that produces unrelated products or are involved in unrelated markets and activities"

Daewoo Electronics
Daewoo Pakistan Motorway Limited
Daewoo Pak Motors
Business Strategy
Differentiation Strategy

"It is strategy which an organisation uses to builds competitive advantage by being unique in its own industry or market segment along one or more dimensions."
Differentiation Strategy
of Daewoo can be depicted from the following three characteristics
Entertainment including:

• Audio Songs.
• Family Movies, Dramas, Songs and Documentaries.
• Switching System with Multiple Choices of Audio & Video
• All esteemed daily Newspapers are also available in the bus.
• Provision of Head Phones with every seat for an undisturbed enjoyment.

The first and the foremost interest of Daewoo Express Pakistan (DEP) to ensure customers safety. It is ensured by each and every individual, interacting with customers, to make their journey a
This the greatest addition of
to the customers' satisfaction by Daewoo.

The bus starts its journey towards the next destination, no matter even more than half of the bus is empty, on time.

It performs a CSR by protecting the
"common asset"
i.e. Precious Time
Core Competencies
Of Daewoo Express
Organized Resources
Rare & Inimitable Resources
Valuable Resources
Mobile Workshops

Terminal sites

International trade Links



Minimum losses from decisions
Human capital

Brand Name

Bus Technology; Premium Plus, Royal Class

Very few employees benefits

Less effective in cost/fares

Less effective in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

90% Internal recruitment

Employees' trainings

First Mover Advantage

Brand Name and Customer Care

Lowest accident ratio

Inimitable and ValueableTechnology

Longest network with 42 terminals,operating in 33 cities

; Poor conditions of roads and low traffic education

; Law and order situation, property rights

; Emerging Competitors

; Influence of local politicians

“Unless and until population growth does not stops, and perhaps it will never, we don’t have to worry about our business. Like housing, road transportation is an evergreen business.”
Operational Manager
Ajab Gul

Emerging Competitors
Strategies of Daewoo Express, Pakistan
Faisal Movers
Functional Strategies
Guidance from Core Values

Training of Employees

Continuous Improvement

Distinguished Market Share

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Organizational Structure
HRM Processes
Job Analysis


"Essential tasks, duties and responsibilities involved in performing a job"
HR planning Process
2. Job Specification

"Skills, Knowledge, abilities and other characteristics needed to perform a job."
HR planning Process (cont.)
HR Staffing Process
1. Internal Recruitment
Approx. 90%

2. External Recruitment
Approx. 10%

HR Selection Process
Training & Development Process
42 Days

for newly recruited

Seminars & Workshops
are held for the development of Top level Management

Performance Appraisal System
Rewards & Incentives

Increment in Salary


Awards; Annual Performance Award and 10 Years’ Service Award
Moreover, Chances of Promotion are highest, based on performance, in Daewoo Express than in any transport company.
Faisal Mover (FM) Express Bus Service was incorporated on 2003 with Sargodha-Multan initially. Its prices are competitive and lower than Daewoo Express Bus Service and providing same services and comfort. After all, there is a long way to come up as a market leader.

Bilal Travels
Bilal Travels started as rent-a-car business in 1992. After acquiring a lot of experience and catering to the customers' needs and satisfaction it inaugurated its first inter-city bus service from Lahore-Faislabad in 2011. It got tremendous success in a very short time and as an emerging competitor of Daewoo Express Pakistan.

Performance Appraisal System
360-Degree Appraisal

"Process of using multiple sources of appraisal to gain a comprehensive perspective on one's performance."
Daewoo Express Bus Service, Pakistan
All copy rights are reserved. Changing, copying or mutilating may cause serious penalty.

It is a functional organization due to its departmentalization around specialized activities. Moreover, it is highly integrated besides being highly differentiated.
Flat Structure
To all. We also thank to staff of Daewoo Express who helped us in this project.
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