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Chesapeake Revision: Meaningful Church Retreat

To being outlining your church's discipleship process, to develop the strategy and elements of your community assessment

Christopher Williams

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Chesapeake Revision: Meaningful Church Retreat

Connecting the Dots Chesapeake District Revision
Meaningful Church Retreat A process that equips a pastor-leader
and his/her core leadership team with...
the structure the strategy the steps to move a local church into mission,
so they courageously... make disciples
multiply churches Measuring Our Mission What's your mission? Bethel Wesleyan Church exists to love our community and world with Christ's love, offering everyone a fulfilling way of life. ABC Grid Is your mission... Aligned with Scripture? Brief with broad application? Clear within the context of your church and community? Marks of a Disciple Think about it... What does a disciple at your church look like? How will you measure spiritual maturity in a disicple's development? An Example... CONVERSION to Christ COMMUNITY
to Christ's Cause Evaluating Values Your Church's Values BIBLE: Leading all people to Christ-centered living through Biblical teaching. DISCIPLESHIP: Intentionally helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ. FAMILY OF GOD: Connecting with one another through worship, prayer, and fellowship. UNITY: One Body of Believers working together in pursuit of God’s will. SERVICE: Humbly serving others with compassion. OUTREACH: Reaching out to our community and world with the gospel of Christ. Three Key Questions 1. Are these your church's core commitments? 2. Are they clearly artciulated to be understood by everyone? 3. How will these values create the church culture necessary to live out your mission? Actual
Aspirational Self-Assessment Becoming the Church of Our Dreams Shared Values + Behavioral Norms = Culture! Change is hard... Leading change is harder! Anchoring Values in Your Culture Care Confession/Call on God Credibility T...Truth and Transparency R...Responsibility U...Understanding S...Support T...Together over Time "The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders...is the key leadership competency in today's world." - Stephen Covey Clarity Commitment Communication Conduct Consistency Courage to Correct Celebration Understanding the Church
The Body of Christ The head of the body...
Jesus Christ The members of the body...
Believers The heart of the body...
Christ-likeness Sharpening the Missional Focus of Our Ministry Our Church - How Healthy Are We? Our Church's Mission Field Assessing Our Community
Knowing Our Context The Learner's Principle To get the right ANSWERS... you have to ask the right PEOPLE... the right QUESTIONS! A Meaningfully Missional Church Be radically transformed Know you are called by God to go and serve Love the people you are called to reach Die to yourself and your preferences Regularly invest yourselves in understanding your community Pray and address spiritual warfare Clarify your church's contribution in your community Join God where he is already at work Revision...
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