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Criminal Justice

No description

Aaliyah Correa

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
Injury Lawyer
What do people in this career do? A criminal psychologist is a professional that studies the behavior and thoughts of criminals.
What is the approximate salary range for this career? Criminal Psychologist low:33,900 high:103,000 depends on your experience.

What schooling is required in order to get s job in this career?Is there any other experience needed for someone to join this career?What major would be appropriate to get into this career? Criminal Psychologist start out by earning bachelors degrees in psychology. After completing an undergraduate degree, some students enter a masters in psychology program.(Best to be in a psychology program. Also best to have a Ph.D)No matter what degree you choose to earn, it will take 5 years to complete and will include classroom and work, practical training research and a dissertation. In order to become a licensed psychologist,you need to complete a internship and pass state examinations.

Are there any other similar career to the one?How they different? Its highly related to forensic psychology and in some cases the two terms are used interchangeably. A criminal psychology evaluates criminals exclusively. A forensic psychologist by contrast , works with all types of court cases including civil matters not involving criminals.

Who is someone famous or well known figure in the career?Dr.Soul Kassin.
Schooling that you need is high school diploma at least 2 years of college course includes 12-14 weeks of police academy.
People in this career patrol areas in there city.If they see something going on they can make a citizen arrest.
The approxime salery range for a police is about 27,000 or more a year depending on what police job they have.
Someone that inspired me to wanna be a cop is just always watching cops on tv and always being around cops while working with my mom.
Others careers simlar to a police is a firemen but police can make arrest,intreview people who where involed in something while fireman put out fire help people get out of cars or trapped places
The degree you need is a bachelors degree.
Before anyone can be a police they have to complete training have a background check to make sure they arent getting someone bad.
Child Protective Services
The FBI is was made to protect and defend the U.S. against outer threats such as terrorists and foreign intelligence threats.
- A Personal Injury lawyer that provides legal representation to those who claim to be injured,physically or psychologiclly.
- The median expected salary for a typical attorney in U.S is around $82,559.
- Lawyers must complete law school and earn a juris doctor (J.D).All lawyers must pass their state BAR exam to practice.
- Lawyers must have 7 full time study after high school to become one.
- Depending on the lawyer you are,(ex.Sports and Entertainment).Some great lawyer programs the University of Harverd,Houston,New york.
- An alternative of being in law school with a law degree is a banker or agent.
- Johinnie Cochram,an attorney,well known for his leadership as a defense attorney.
- Something cool about lawyers is that they have different types of lawyers, for example (Business
and Injury).

Social Workers who ensure the safety of children where abuse or neglect may take place .
The approximate salary range is $40.00
They provide leadership and
criminal justice service to federal, state, munipal, and international agencies & partners.
Requires a combination of education , experience.
Master's Degree
On average the FBI earn an average of $63,886 per year.
To be in the FBI its important to have a bachelor degree from an accredited university.
You have to have at least 3 years of professional experience, and to be ready for an assignment anywhere in the FBI.
You HAVE to have a valid drivers license.

Also 4 major concentrations: academics, case excersices, firearms training, and operational skills.
An injury lawyer focuses on what happen to you during an accident and if you need money for your health.
The approximate salary for n injury lawyer is 73,000.
You need a LSAT , Bachelor's degree and a 3-year law degree.
Must work with an experienced lawyer/judge for several years.
Some majors could be political science, social science ,history and English or pre-law
Harvard is the one of the best law schools in the U.S.A.
A example an injury lawyer is Jim Adler the Texas hammer. He lives in dallas out 36aband has been a lawyer for 36 years . he appears in television for houston, dallas, and san antonia. He started with clients od windowed women and unsophisticated investors then on to divorces that later led on to injury.he actuay got the idea of advertising from a brochure cald box of gold.
A injury lawyer cant say what the costumer tell them even if they confess to a CRIME !
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