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Non-newtonian fluid

A Science experiment that's messy and fun!

Neo Meng Hiok Ethan

on 14 May 2011

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Transcript of Non-newtonian fluid

NON-NEWTONIAN FLUIDS What IS IT? It is a substance which has properties of a liquid and a solid The materials needed 180cm3 of cornstarch 90cm3 of water LARGE BOWL SPOON (FOR MIXING) Properties of non-newtonian fluids The Non-newtonian fluid is made up of small particles of cornstarch in water. is hard like a solid when squeezed can be rolled into a ball flows like a liquid when no force is applied CORNSTARCH 70 PERCENT amylopectIn 20-30 PERCENT OF amylose ~Is Insoluble In water ~a soluble molecule that can be quickly degraded the answer to the paradox is viscuous (thick) when force was applied, the non-newtonian fluid did not splash out like normal liquids when object is placed on it, it sinks like quicksand why does the non-newtonian fluid act like a solID WHEN FORCE IS APPLIED? For normal water, if you apply force, the water will shear(or move out of the way) For the non-newtonian fluid, as the viscousity increases, it increases the resistance of the force WHY DOES THE VISCOUSITY INCREASE? When water is added to cornstarch(which is a long string of molecules) and the mixture is compressed, the molecules become "tangled" and thus the vicousity increases is a long string of molecules why can the non-newtonian fluID STILL FLOW LIKE A LIQUID when the non-newtonian liquid acts like a solid when squeezed, that is becaues there is still compression and the vicuosity increases to become "thicker" when there is no compression, the molecules move apart from each other and thus can flow like a liquid why does the marble sink into the non-newtonian fluid?
And why is it hard to take out the marble? As the non-newtonian fluid is less dense than the marble, it cannot hold the weight of the marble. The non-newtonian fluid viscous and it is hard to pull out the marble. EXAMPLES OF NON-NEWTONIAN FLUIDS QUICKSAND KETCHUP silly putty toothpaste Quicksand is just like the cornstarch and water mixture It is viscous, it has the same property of "sucking things in" Viscousity increases if you apply more force So, if you tilt a ketchup bottle all the way around (with the bottle open), the ketchup will come out slower instead was created in the World War 2 to make synthetic rubber it is bouncy and sticky, it flows like a liquid CONCLUSION Non-newtonian fluids are a unique kind of molecular structure. It exsists in life and I have learnt that many properties of non-newtonian liquids and I have successfully unlocked the paradox behind the non-newtonian fluid. Sources:
http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/09/0928_050928_quicksand.html THANK YOU!!!
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