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8th grade punctuation

No description

Melissa Dortenzio

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of 8th grade punctuation

Comma usage 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c 4. Appositive Phrases An appositive phrase is a noun or noun phrase that renames the one beside it.

That girl, the one with the black hair, keeps looking at me funny. 5. Introductory Clauses Introductory clauses are groups of words that "set the stage" for the main part of the sentence. They are also called "dependent clauses" because they cannot stand on their own as a sentence..

If the team wants to win, they need to practice more.

The students were convincing. Still, I did not have candy to give to them today. There are six ways you can use a comma. Initiator: Copy these sentences into your notes. Add necessary punctuation to the sentences. 1. My mom said You better get good grades or you will not be using your laptop this week.
2. I went to the store and bought Doritos a Coke a cinnamon bun and some milk.
3. Ms. Perez the operations manager of our school gave me free tickets to the basketball game.
4. She was rude to the boys but I was not. 3. Combining Independent Clauses with a Conjunction Independent clauses are groups of words that can stand alone as a sentence. What makes up a sentence? Each clause has its own subject and predicate (verb).

*Conjunctions combine two ideas: and, but, as well as, however, etc.

Excuse me, but I did not order this veggie burger.

Delmi is respectfully quiet, however Angie can be pretty loud sometimes. 2. Introducing or ending a Quote The comma comes before or after the words being said, followed by quotation marks.

I said, "Get me out of here."

"I know how to stay in my seat. Watch me," Yuleyshca said. 6. Places & dates Use commas to separate the name of cities from states (Hartford, CT) and dates (January 9th, 2013). Challenge: What is a semi-colon used for?

What is a semi-colon, you ask? It looks like this -> ; 8th Grade Punctuation 1. Lists.

A comma is necessary after every word in your list.

My favorite holiday is either Christmas, Thanksgiving, or my birthday.
1. Stephanie Jenny Hamerly and Nachaly play on the girls basketball team as well as Yuleyshca sometimes.

2. Although I have never traveled to Spain I have always wanted to go there.

3. Jayson who is the youngest in the family was born just minutes after his brother.

4 .Luis didn’t feel well however he came to school anyway.

5. It was a cold windy day I couldn’t feel my toes anymore.

6. When she asked if he was hungry Erix replied “I’m starved.”
7. “It’s almost time to go” Kelsey said angrily. Practice: Copy these sentences down and add commas or semi-colons Exit Slip List the 6 ways to use commas.
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