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Shadow Theatre project

No description


on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Shadow Theatre project

In the sarcophagus chamber
The diamond in my pocket starts to glow. I take it out. It is very hot and it falls to the ground.

It breaks into 12 pieces. I put the pieces back in my pocket

We have no choice but to sleep in this scary chamber
During the night
During the night, I have bad dreams. I dream that strange people come to me.

First, a man comes to me:
"I am Hades, the God of the underworld and the dead. Give me the diamond!"

Then, a beautiful woman with long golden hair and a soft voice comes to me: "I am Aphrodite. Give the diamond to me"

Then a tall handsome man comes "I am Apollo. Don't give the diamond! Protect the diamond! Protect peace!
In the morning
In the morning, I wake up. I am alone with my sister. My parents have disappeared.

And the broken diamond pieces have disappeared!

We see a new golden door and decide to push it. It opens!
Our Mission
Now it is YOUR turn to continue the story...
Mount Olympus
We find ourselves in a big beautiful palace of white marble and great columns.

A giant man is sitting on a throne.

"I was waiting for you! I am Zeus! Come this way!"

He explains to us that, thousands of years ago, the diamond had been stolen and taken to the world of mortals . By taking the diamond out of its hiding place, we activated its power. Now Hades and other gods have taken pieces of it and it has created a war between the gods of Olympus...
Shadow Theatre project
"The Secret of Amphipolis"
"The Diamond of Amphipolis"
Part II (Collège Raimu)

In the process, my sister and I are also transported to Olympus.

To go back to the land of mortals and see our parents again, we have to go see the gods who have the diamonds and win their challenges to get the diamonds back and create peace again...

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