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Fly Away Home

No description

Paul Touma

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Fly Away Home

Flying Machine Fly Away Home Principles of Aerodynamics Bernoulli's Principle Da Vinci Glider the wings flap and twist like a bat providing the maximum amount of lift for the design Designer of Current Glider Leonardo Da Vinci Paul Touma Strengths and Weaknesses of the Da Vinci Glider Current Glider Natures' Aerodynamics the shape of a bird's wing is the same as a current airfoil (plane wing). this allows less pressure to be collected on the top of the wing and more pressure to be collected on the bottom, this creates lift for the bird. resistance to a
movement the amount or quantity
of an object to be pushed
forcefully to be moved or brought
upwards from the ground When your flow speed increases, your pressure decreases (& Visa Versa) The top of the wing is designed to receive less pressure than the bottom. This makes the flow speed and bottom pressure increase, making the plane ascend. pilot lies face down on a board powering the wings and tail with pedals and pulleys (Like a bike)

there was a headpiece for steering

the wings were shaped like a bats

it was very sturdy and light the human on the board is the main weight of the machine because the rest of the framework and pulleys are relatively light compared to the lift and thrust the main thrust is provided by the fast flapping of the machines wings by the human quickly pedaling the is relatively little drag for this machine as Leonardo da Vinci was very effective with his shapes and angles, making sure that there was next to no drag - the human that is controlling the machine is not able to start the machine by themselves, as to being strapped into the machine, but even if the human was not strapped in, they would not have enough speed to lift it off the ground - the machine would be very expensive to mass produce - the machine is too heavy and does not have enough thrust or lift to maintain flight for anything over a few minutes. A possible solution is that there are specific locations over the course of your flight where there are fires that help with the lift of the flying machine. This could possibly lead to the machine catching fire, or the fire spreading + the machine will start a chain reaction that eventually leads to the first working plane that is made by the three Write Brothers + the machine is very informative about the way that a bat flies. It is basically just a big bat and can be used for informative purposes + ADVANTAGES - DISADVANTAGES the rapid flapping of the bird's wings create plenty of thrust for the bird to move quickly. The faster they flap their wing, the more thrust they receive. bird's also have very light and strong bones and feathers, both their bones and the stems in the feathers are hollow. This allows the bird to have the lowest weight possible. the bird is also very aerodynamic, making it have minimum drag. The rapid flapping of the birds wings also counters the drag.
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