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Greek Mythology

Two cool people on a quest to find out how Greek Mythology is relevant today.

Avery Somersgill

on 9 May 2015

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology
And it's relevance today.
Research Question:
How is Greek Mythology Relevant today?
What is Greek Mythology?
Mythology:a body of myths belonging to a culture
Greek Mythology is a collection of religious stories and folk tales that were passed on through the word of mouth for generations.
Did You Know?

A lot of the phrases and words we use today are based on Greek myths and Gods.
The greek goddess of magic
Ares' son Phobos was known for accompanying his father into battle. He was the fear the soldiers felt during the war.
Fury- Comes from the three Furies that acted as sidekicks to Hades. They were driven by rage and hatred.
The saying "Take the
bull by it's horns" came
from Hercules.

Though they were fictional, these stories were often thought of as fact.They had gods, heroes, and magic. These myths were an attempt to explain the natural world and justify social patterns.
Fact or Fiction?
So how
Greek Mythology relevant today?

Reality TV Shows:
Believe it or not, some reality TV shows are actually quite a bit like the dysfunctional families of Greek myths.
Greek Myths are all Around us:
The stories of greek mythology appear in pop culture all the time.
Percy Jackson
Clash of the Titans
Real Housewives: The goddesses of Olympus all thought they were better than each other, just like the Housewives of this dramatic show.
19 Kids and Counting: The Olympus family tree is almost infinite. The gods and goddesses have lots of kids, some from mortals, some from other immortals, and quite a few from rape.
Survivor: The ridiculous tasks that the contestants on this show have to perform resemble the tasks that the gods made the heroes do.
Lots of companies make reference to greek mythology in their marketing
Pandora: a reference to the myth Pandora's box
Starbucks: Their logo depicts a siren which is a creature of greek mythology that lures sailors to their death
Venus razors: Venus was the Roman version of Aphrodite,the greek goddess of love
Caduceus:The caduceus (the symbol on hospitals and ambulances) was the staff of Hermes, one of the more popular greek gods.
Many of the themes in Greek Mythology are still very common today.
Family: Family is one of the most common themes in Greek mythology and entertainment today. All of the gods were related and myths were often about children of the gods.
Heroes:Heroes are people with seemingly inhuman strength or abilities who perform amazing tasks everyone thought were impossible. Heroes have been a giant part of fiction since the times of greek myths.
Unknown parentage: Main characters from all sorts of fiction never know their real parents. Many of the main characters from greek mythology had parents that were gods so they never knew their parents either.
By: Avery Somersgill and Avery Johnson
From Myth to Movie:
Quite a few
popular movies have the same story lines as Greek Myths. Here is just one example:

Theseus and the Minotaur:

The Hobbit
Goes on
long journey to take
back the throne:
Escaping a maze:
The Maze Runner
The Labyrinth
Killing Monsters:
Whether you know it or not, Greek Mythology surrounds us every day. Many of the words we say, things we watch and books we read all relate to Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology played a big role in shaping the world as we know it.
To answer our research question, yes, Greek Mythology
relevant today. We found out that many things that are popular in modern times relate back to Greek Mythology.
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