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What did Hitler Blame the Jews for?

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donaline hartman

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of What did Hitler Blame the Jews for?

What Hitler Blamed the Jews for
Hitler blamed the Jews for...
-The defeat of the country in WW1
-Collapse of the monarchy
-The International sabotage of Jewish financers, socialists, and international Bolsheviks caused the loss of WW1
-The growth of Bolshevism
-The economic crisis
Hitler believed...
-"Jewish Bankers" were responsible for the Treaty of Versailles
-Jews were responsible for all of Germanys problems
-Jews caused the economic depression so Germany was forced to go to war to defend itself
Hitler also believed...
-Jews were preaching "destructive" ideas (Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels teachings)
-Jews poisoned the state from within
-The Aryan race was the best and strongest race, Jews were less superior Germans
What could have caused his hatred for Jews
-He grew up in Vienna where the mayor was anti-sematic and the hatred of Jews was widespread
-Hitler saw that many Jews played prominent roles in the growing Communist movement which was against what Hitler stood for
What could have caused his hatred for Jews
At 15, Hitler moved to Vienna to pursue his dream of becoming an artist, but he was rejected at the Vienna Academy of Art for not having a "leaving certificate." He was certain that a Jewish professor turned his application down.
What could have caused his hatred for Jews
-In 1908 he contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute
-Jewish doctor, Edward Bloch, unsuccessfully treated his mother who had breast cancer and died in 1907
What could have caused his hatred for Jews
Hitlers mom worked in a Jewish home, where the head of the family got her pregnant resulting in hitler himself. Considering Hitlers non-biological father was a harsh disciplinarian, finding out hitler was an illegitamete child could have spurred Hitlers hatred for the Jews.
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