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The Lamp at Noon

No description

Kelvin Lo

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Lamp at Noon

Short Story Presentation John Byun, Kelvin Lo, Victoria Nguyen, Joyce Lyu The Lamp at Noon by Sinclair Ross Decision Symbolism - Paul decided to stay at the farm instead of taking his family to the city where his wife's family would be able to support them. Lamp: Represent the idea of struggle of surviving

Dust: symbolism of suffocation and the tension represents darkness that threatens the safety of Ellen and her family

Wind: symbolism of conflicts and struggles between characters. The Lamp The Dust The Wind - "He remembered the arguments with which Ellen had tried to persuade him away from the farm, and one by one he defeated them." (P.31) Reason Consequences - Paul chose to stay at the farm so he could build a good future for his family. He thought staying at the farm was the best thing for him and his family because he thought being a farmer is the only thing that he can do to give them a good life. -"perhaps she would begin to feel the power and steadfastness of the land, to take pride in it, to understand that he was not a fool, but working for her future and their son's." (P.32) In our opinion... -Ellen ran away with the baby

-Paul found her in the middle of the fields

-Ellen changed her mind to stay at the farm Thank you!! Importance: Emphasizes why the antagonist is nothing but the setting of the story. Symbolizes frustration, struggle and the need to survival. Importance: Triggers the atmosphere of death and darkness also represents the main confliction, the circumstances of the characters. Importance: Shows Imagery of the conflicts It shed a soft, diffused light, dim and yellow as if it were the light from the lamp reaching out through the open door.” (pg. 26) Quote 1 Quote 2 Quote 3 “The lamp between them threw story lights and shadows on their face.” (pg. 27) “Desert, you foul – the lamp lit at noon!” (pg. 32) This quote suggests the purpose of the lamp

The shadow that is reflected by the lamp represents the worries and deep sorrow they have. Explains why the lamp symbolizes the struggle of his family.

The silence also suggests the lonely lamp which tries to enlighten the darkness that is surrounding them. The frustration of surviving...

Her rage towards her husband’s decision explains the struggles and the emotional destruction she have experienced.

The fact that a lamp has to be lit during a noon explains that the desert is even surrounded by darkness during daylight. “The dust was thickening to an impenetrable fog.” (Pg. 26) Quote 1 The dust in our viewpoint represents the suffocation that many individuals have to deal within their life.

Why is it “impenetrable”?

Ellen family’s confliction and frustration comes from the direct physical and mental stress they are receiving due to their atmosphere and circumstances that surrounds them.
“The lower of dust clouds made the farm yard seem an isolated acre, poised aloft above a somber void.” (Pg. 26) Quote 2 Quote 3 “At each blast of wind it shook, as if to topple and spin hurtling with the dust-reel into space.” (Pg. 26) Quote 1 In this quote, we can visually see a constant wind blowing and dust are reeling up in the air.

This symbolizes the relationship between Ellen and Paul is currently unstable when dust is toppling.

Imagery of the surrounding environment that Paul and Ellen live in Quote 2 Quote 3 Tension, suffocation and the difficulties within many individuals...

The fact that this quote describes the “farm yard” which is comprehended as a yard full of life forms such as vegetables, animals, insects and plants.

However... “There’s dust in everything, it keeps coming faster than I can clean it up.” (pg.27, last 4 paragraphs) Through this strong imagery we are able to conclude that the dust is indeed not able to be terminated because its quantity is almost to an extent of infinity.

Challenges and difficulties in life constantly encounter many individuals during their life it is reflected through the quote. “Once as she listened this first wind sprang inside the room, distraught like a bird that has felt the graze of talons on its wing; while furious the other wind shook the walls, and thudded tumbleweeds against the window till its quarry glanced away again in fright.” (Pg. 27) An increased tension and an intense mood is shown when the wind is traveling during Paul and Ellen’s argument.

Comparison of the wind to the talons of a bird added a hostility feel to this scenario. “You said tonight we’d see the storm go down. So till now, and a red sky—it means tomorrow will be fine.” (Pg.33) Storm = violent rain and wind

The storm is gradually calming down, which symbolizes..
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