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Fuck Yeah Finance!

No description

Emma Dunn

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Fuck Yeah Finance!

Roles and Responsibilities
In-Kind Support
MV logs
Do them! I'm not going to chase these up after this month.

KMs are only valid for two months

Submit through MYOB MyStaffInfo

Instructions are the finance folder.
Load and go
Keep an eye on your card money levels
Give it at least a week for card top ups to come through- to be safe get a card top up two weeks out from program days.
Fuck Yeah Finance!
Budget upkeep
Program Expenses
1. Get in-kind support for as much as possible
2. Fill the in-kind support form and give to supporter/provider after support has been given
3. Chase up form and pass onto CM
4. CM to process and send to finance team
** In-kind support form can be found in the finance folder in Centre Resources in Deakin Drive**
Personal expenses
Separate concur claim
How to- Finance folder in Deakin Drive!!!
**Anything not in your budget headings eg Travel expenses, meals etc you need to get prior approval **
HEck Yeah Homework!!
1. Make sure the deadlines are in your calendar
2. Make sure you have read all the finance policies and procedures and the 'how to' documents
3. Budget! Work out averages spends for each PD with session expenses and catering
- Look at numbers of kids and mentors each day
- Consider one off expenses and repeated expenses eg DJ's vs going all out for KiNDLiNG
4. Brainstorm- In-kind and fundraising options (eg photographers for days)
Office Expenses
Stationary and Printing
Staff amenitites
Office Equiptment

Mentor Engagement

Community engagement
CRT, PRT, parent events, community etc
Session expenses
Ongoing- FT and general resources, DJ
Infrequent- KiNDLiNG, Welcome to country

Catering expenses
In-kind where possible (second bite)
Over cater, never under feed
Save up to go big for big days
Infrastucture (containers, chopping boards)
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