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SOSE Presentation

Immigration, Multi-cultural Australia, Racism.

Lily Ishtar

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of SOSE Presentation

Lily and Ann Mary's SOSE Presentation Immigration-
What is it? Immigration is the act of a person moving or settling into a region or a country they are not native to. Who is an immigrant? An Immigrant is a person who decides to settle in a different country that is not native to them because of... Economical, Political, Family reunification, Natural disaster, Or poverty. hat is legal and illegal immigration? W Australian Migration Program does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion. Provided that they meet the criteria of the Australian law. The Government determines the criteria and sets the number of people who can enter under the program on an annual basis. Okay, now lets have a break off Immigration and talk about 'Racism'. Why are people racist, you may wonder? People are mainly... Why are people racist? Many people are racist because a lot of personal attitude and opinions happen during child hood. Another reason is that some people are afraid of things that they don't understand or are different. When did racism start? Racism started when the Ancient Greeks and Romans... Made slaves of people who the considered inferior, more than 2000 years ago. Is Racism wrong, and why? Yes, racism is wrong. Because you are judging people under a category. Who might be different from yourself. Is there a solution for racism? Yes, The Gray Panthers is a national organisation that fights... Ageism, (discrimination based on age.) Sexism and racism. IT ALSO LIKES TO PROMOTE... PEACE SOCIAL AND ECONOMICAL JUSTICE PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT. FACT: Europeans didn't think or believe that the coloured people felt pain or sorrow as they did. Now let's go back to Immigration. What do immigrants need to accomplish? People wanting to migrate to Australia........ need to fill in detail forms and have an interview to see whether they meet standards set by the Australian government. DID YOU KNOW......? Some racial terms are Paki for Pakistani and Chinky for Chinese.... These are forms of abuse! They must fall into... Skill Family Humanitarian or New Zealand residents. What happens to the people who try to remain in Australia without permission? The people who try to remain in Australia without permission of the Government are ... Placed in Immigration detention. Lets take another look at what causes people to immigrate to another country. The search for jobs, Lets go back to What causes some people to immigrate to another Country? FACT: 21 million people were internally displaced by the the end of the 1990's, compared to 13-14 million in 1990. Did you know: Only about 12 million people are legally accepted as refugees around the world. Between 75-80% of the approximately 50 million refugees and displaced people around the world are women and children. According to 1951 UN convention a refugee is someone who has fled from his/her country and can not return owing to a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of... Race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. That refugees who have been persecuted and claim the right to asylum- a safe haven in the country they arrived in- are known as asylum seekers. DID YOU KNOW? Many boat people came from China, Afghanistan and Iraq. When they arrived in Australian jurisdiction they commonly claim rights of entry as refugees. 2012 Now that you have seen this presentation we hope you have a better understanding of Immigration and the Racism involved. But people who are given Government permission are also given a Visa, until they get Australian Citizenship. Like this example: Now let's watch an example of racism. Now, were you paying attention?
Let's see how much you know.
Question Time!
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