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Animal Farm: Corruption of Power

This presentation will describe the corruption of power involved in Animal Farm.

Kenny Le

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Animal Farm: Corruption of Power

Animal Farm: Corruption of Power This presentation will: By: Kenny Le and Dave Muir 1. Define corruption of power. 2. Discuss how and why corruption of power takes place. 3. Explain how the pigs in Animal Farm went from good leaders to corrupted leaders. 5. Reveal the initial dreams and intentions of Animalism and Communism. 4. Compare Animal Farm to the Russian Revolution. 1. So what is corruption of power? The term corruption of power can be defined as: Definition researched by: Dave Muir A philosophy that states
that the more power and control a person has, the more he becomes corrupted and strays from his original ideals. 2. HOW and WHY corruption of power takes place
For example: In Animal Farm... Napoleon has a team of dogs that he uses to control the animals through fear. The events in Animal Farm parallels the corruption of power in Russia (1917-1943).
This was when the Russian Revolution occurred because of the multiplying cases of rebellions, strikes, and war against the government. The revolutions overthrew the Tsarist Autocracy, where the tzar/czar (king) would control all power and wealth. Once the Soviet Union (also known as the USSR) was formed, Stalin managed to take control of it by 1924; which led to overthrow the Czar and government. 2. At first, the pigs would use this power for their simple pleasures such as obtaining milk and apples. The corruption of power did not really occur on a big scale until Snowball was exiled by Napoleon through force. 3. Through time, the pigs would abuse their power to get whisky, live in a house, sleep in a bed, and ultimately, break the laws of Animalism. Furthermore, they left the other animals as the working class, hungry and busy with endless work. Thus, the pigs became corrupted with power due to their greed and desires to be like humans. 1. In Animal Farm, the pigs were good leaders and wanted to be free of Mr. Jones and the humans. They wanted equality for the animals, and most importantly, have a better life. They created the Seven Commandments of Animalism which they followed. 3. The pigs in Animal Farm became corrupted through power similar to Stalin. We will now explore the steps that the pigs took to go from conscientious leaders to corrupt leaders: Corruption of power occurs due to many controversial reasons. These reasons include the access to wealth and control. At first a powerful person may be righteous but become corrupted when the person falls to greed and stops caring for others. For example, a rich king may care for his people at first but when he is used to his luxurious life and does not want to be involved with the people anymore, he may stop caring for the people. In reality, even normal people will abuse the power if they are given the opportunity to. For example, the Standford Prison Experiment. The experiment took 24 ordinary people to do
a simulation of a prison. 12 are assigned the role
of prison guard and 12 are assigned the role of
prisoner. The guards became increasingly cruel
as the days progressed. By day 6 it was so bad
that the experiment had to be shut down.

Experts call this the Lucifer Effect. Normal people sometimes have an urge to become evil and commit terrible acts. Therefore, some reasons
as to why corruption of
power occurs includes the person's experiences through life and possibly human nature itself. 4. Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution Boxer from Animal Farm represents
the gullible and naive working class group
of people and they believe everything that
they are told. The corruption of power is
able to occur because the people are being easily manipulated. At first, the people were happy that they had overthrown the government that did not care for the peasants and working class. However, the USSR leader, Joseph Stalin, became corrupted and abused his power. He was responsible for possibly 20-100 million deaths. Likewise to Napoleon slaughtering the animals in Animal Farm, Stalin killed more of his own men than others. "I love my people. I want to make a better country for them."

and then the King is given luxuries

"I am happy with what I have. Why should I care about others?"

Also, a person's mental structure especially through childhood experiences will affect the likelihood of the abuse of power.

At the age of 10, Stalin was forced to speak Russian by the church school. He later rebelled against religion and imperialism. At the age of 12, Stalin was involved in a horse
carraige accident that made his left arm permanently damaged.

At the age of 7, Stalin contracted smallpox, which permanently damaged his face.

Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union who killed 20-100 million men, also had a tough childhood. He later became evil and corrupted as he killed millions when he was in full power. How and why has Stalin's position and power corrupted him? An example of the corruption of power is depicted in the Russian Revolution. Therefore, Stalin has had a rough childhood that put him against religion and built hatred against the government. As he gained power, reasons as to why he became corrupted are: 1. His childhood experiences. 2. His disagreement with the way society was running. 3. His immoral ways of doing things. The studies show that if a person can get away with an evil act and not be blamed, then many people do not hesitate to perform the evil act. So class, have you ever felt an urge to commit an evil act... just because you have the power to? Example: A king going from good to bad

"Well, I have. Once upon a time,
I was five years old and I pushed
my little sister's baby carriage down the stairs for no reason, and it broke." -Kenny Le 5. The initial dreams and intentions of Animalism and Communism The father of communism is Karl Marx. In 1848 he wrote his basic ideas of communism down. Marx believed that all people are equal and deserve the same things. He did not believe in social classes or states. His ideals included giving ownership of the farms and factories that are used to produce goods to everyone. There should be no private ownership. Everyone may share anything. This is called "common ownership". However, some say that Marx's ideas were too naive. Some disagreed with these ideals and thought that the corruption of power would always take over and that these ideals cannot be reached because when people have power they abuse it. On the contrary, others such as Leon Trotsky liked the idea and created the group called Bolsheviks which later got rid of the Russian government. The sheep in Animal Farm represents the followers of communism. This fuels the corruption of power because their blind loyalty can be taken advantage of to manipulate the population. Thus, the parallels of Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution are as follows: Snowball - Leon Trotsky Napoleon - Joseph Stalin Old Major - Karl Marx The Dogs - KGB : Secret Police Moses the Raven - Religion Moses the raven in Animal Farm represents religion because he tells the animals of Sugar Candy Mountain which gives hope to the animals that even in this harsh life there is hope. They believe that they can go there after death if they do not complain and continue to work hard. This 'on strike' sign portrays the Russian Revolution when the people went on massive grand-scale strikes and rebellions against the Czar and the government. This picture reveals the propaganda used during the Russian Revolution that the USSR a.k.a Soviet Union advertised to show that communism is about being happy and free. This picture depicts the abuse of language that the pigs used to trick the animals to continue to work hard and stay obedient even though (little do they know that) their life has gotten worse and their Animalism ideals have been destroyed. Boxer - Tricked loyal supporters Animalism - Communism A pure leader that wanted to make life better but got exiled. Cruel leader with ambition for power; kill those who oppose. However, not a good speaker. Sugar Candy Mountain resembles heaven. Moses and religion was kept to keep the animals and people working. Both hard-working, and loyal. Both end up betrayed. Boxer was sold to the horse slaughterer while Stalin ignored his followers and killed them (he was somewhat paranoid). Both invented Animalism / Communism which had similar ideals which required a revolution or a "transition phase". Old Major taught the animals to revolt against the humans while Karl Marx taught the workers to take over government. Both dies before revolution. The dogs and the KGB secret police were both private enforcers of Napoleon / Stalin and they would use force. Both have ideals of everyone being the same and equal as well as giving workers a better life than previously. 6. Discuss how the pigs and Stalin continue to stay in power after their corruption. The father of Animalism is Old Major. Old Major is a very wise pig who had a dream about Animalism. He believed that all animals are equal and that the habits of man are bad. In a dream, the lyrics to a song called "Beasts of England" came to him and he taught it to the animals because one day, the revolution will come. Many animals liked it and agreed with Animalism because they wanted to be free from Mr. Jones (which is like the King in government). In conclusion, at first communism and animalism
were both simply ideals that had no corrupted thoughts or planning. It was meant to be for the greater good so that everyone's life will improve. 6. So how did Napoleon and Stalin remain in power after their corruption became clear to many? Both Napoleon and Stalin used their private police force which would be the dogs and the KGB secret police. Those who tried to rebel against them were mercilessly killed. This is when fear struck the people and animals' hearts so they were too scared to rebel because they do not have the power to.
A) Follow Stalin because you like the idea of communism (but end up betrayed)?
B) Follow Stalin because you are scared and don't want to be killed?
C) Form a rebellion against Stalin and end up getting killed?
D) Something else? So class, after being greatly informed about the corruption of power in Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution, if you were a Russian living in Russia during the Russian Revolution, what would you do? Raise your hands if you would: By the way, if you picked C) Form a rebellion against Stalin and end up getting killed, your family would be killed too. Too bad. Thank you for being excellent listeners, we hope you enjoyed this presentation. http://natsukichere.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/animalfarm.jpg

And thanks to PREZI.COM for their online presentation making utility. THE END
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