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Logan Hill

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of MIDEVAL EUROPE

This is a map of Medieval Europe.
By: Logan, Becca, Caleb, Alyssa, And Ryan
This is one of France's soldiers.
This is Joan of Arc
She is the first women to take over half of England and lead a army.
This is Joan of Arc in a Battle.
This is the main area.
This is Joan of Arc's Castle
This was one of France's last kingdoms.
This is a Medieval invention called a ballista.
This is King Arthur, a British folk hero.
This is a statue of King Arthur.
The End
Ballistas are used for shooting long range. The Ballista's force is strong enough to break through a suit of armor.
Its also one of Joan of Arc's soldiers.
French soldiers over here
British soldiers over here.
This is Joan of Arch
Life in the middle ages depended on how wealthy you were. Such as Nobel men and Serfs. Serfs were the lowest on the list and Nobel men were highest. The Serfs would either be slaves or really poor people who lived in a run down building, while the Nobel men lived in high class houses, like a Castle.
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