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Okra as an Alternative to Coffee

No description

Vaughne Dags

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Okra as an Alternative to Coffee

Okra as an Alternative to Coffee Background of the Study
We chose this study because of the following reasons; to find a healthy alternative of coffee beans, to find an alternative that is cheaper and is easy to reproduce, and an alternative that contains less caffeine. We chose to use lady’s finger or what we Filipinos call, Okra, as our main ingredient in this study. Significance of the Study
This study will be a significant in finding an alternative to coffee that is healthier and safer to people’s health. This study is worth making because it does not only provide a healthier beverage for people, but it also helps the man-kind financially for it only requires okra which can be found or even planted at home. Statement of the Problem
This research aims to determine whether okra seeds are effective alternative as coffee, whether it contains the same properties (aroma, taste and color) as the ordinary coffee. Scopes and Limitations
The study will focus on okra coffee; the taste, aroma, health benefits and price of this coffee. It will be limited only to the response of the different coffee drinkers (respondents) from the taste test that the researchers will give. The response will then be compared to that of the ordinary coffee. Materials
2 kg okra
mortar and pestle
pan and ladle
1 cup hot water
1 tsp. sugar Procedures
The researchers first gathered the needed materials. For the making of okra powder, the researchers first removed okra seeds from the 2 kilograms of okra present. Next, the collected okra seeds were dried for one day under the heat of the sun. The seeds were then roasted using the frying pan. The seeds were then roasted using the frying pan. After roasting, the seeds were pulverized using mortar and pestle. DISCUSSION

Comparing okra and ordinary coffee, the researchers
found out that both have the same aroma. These
brands of coffee also held almost the same taste.
Okra coffee is also lighter in color compared to
the ordinary coffee. Okra coffee is also healthier
since okra has more nutrients than the ordinary
coffee. Okra also has less caffeine. Conclusion
Based from the results, we can conclude that okra coffee is really a good alternative to coffee since both types of coffee held almost the same characteristics. There were slight differences in color, but the aroma and taste that the consumers want don’t have many differences.
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