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Test Taking Skills

ASA demo

maya yama

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Test Taking Skills

Test Taking Strategies Excessive stress can affect performance Sit where a clock is visible or wear a watch. Make a mental note when you begin, and periodically check the time

Briefly review all test sections before beginning, and decide an appropriate time for each section.

Decide which questions will take longer to answer. It takes longer to complete an essay than a multiple choice question

Attempt to answer every question. Hard questions can be left to the end unless they carry a great deal of value.

Answering questions you know first relieves tension and builds confidence. This will give you better access to your memory as you proceed Time Management Skills Set an alarm or have a friend call you especially, if tests are scheduled for early morning

Eat protein rich food on test day. Protein is a reliable energy source when sitting and concentrating for extended periods of time

Shower on test day. Being self-conscious about appearance is a distraction

Time permitting, lightly exercise on test day

Come prepared for the test with paper, pencils, calculators, and other permitted items

Arrive early for the test. Having extra time will allow you to clear your mind and focus on the test

Briefly review notes just prior to the test. If you're sufficiently prepared, reading through the notes will refresh your memory

Use the restroom before entering the test center or classroom

Participate in deep breathing exercise before taking the test. Continue doing this if you experience extreme anxiety while taking the test

Take some time to stretch prior to sitting down for the test to relieve tension

Never compare yourself to peers, and don't get distracted by students who finish early. Devote all your attention to focusing on the test

Don't panic, if you aren't performing up to your expectations. It won't help to regret your lack of preparation in the middle of the test. Assess performance and make changes after the test

Don't overreact to a poor test score. Move on since you'll have opportunities later in the semester to make up for a bad score

Meet with a teacher or an academic counselor if test taking anxiety is affecting your performance

The best way to decrease test taking anxiety is to study hard for the test. You must make time for the study. There is no easy route to success Relieving Test Taking
Anxiety Test Day Preparation Being groggy affects
concentration Finishing a test on time is difficult for many students Reduce test anxiety Bolster student confidence about exams Improve test scores "When you take a test - any test - you're really being tested on two things: how much you know about the subject and how much you know about taking a test"

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