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DofE Gold Expedition Litter Assessment

No description

joseph haigh

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of DofE Gold Expedition Litter Assessment

Litter on the River Wye How the litter ends up in the river Impacts of litter on the wildlife Large animals can get litter trapped
on their bodies, constricting them. Trends Size of rubbish increased as flow increased
Quantity increased just after the town of Hereford
water level was high so maybe some below the surface
changed to urban waste after towns Impacts of litter on tourism Urban Waste What can be done Research and experience has shown that litter is the result of an individual behavior - choosing to litter and simply being careless when handling waste.
When litter has been dropped, it attracts more waste seeming as now the impression of a wasteful community has been given. Therefore a clean community, would not only be a more pleasant place to live in, but would also stop people joining in the 'trend' of litter.
The real issue is that preventing littering is an individual choice. People need to realize that changing the community requires effort from everyone, on an individual level and they therefore need to make the decision not to litter for themselves. Agricultural waste Also crates, bricks, black plastic sheets, some animals Collects at the sides of the river, often caught in branches Conclusion Introduction Mostly washed downstream
from Hereford Also shopping trolleys and bags, and fast food waste. Litter in rivers eventually gets washed
out to sea, causing more problems. However, litter isn't always
detrimental to wildlife! Litter has a wide effect on the local wildlife of a river, as well as causing other issues. In towns: Dropped directly into the river
Dropped on the sidewalk, washed into the river by rain In the countryside: People enjoying a walk often drop their plastic drink bottles etc.
Farmers who can not be bothered to take their rubbish with them.
Both points lead to the rubbish being washed into the river by rain
Rubbish that is illegally dumped in the country side by people who can not be bothered to dispose of it correctly
Rubbish can also be blown into the river by high winds, if it is left elsewhere (note the tent - blown away or discarded rather than deliberately thrown in river) The legacy of litter The waste that collects in the river will stay around for Glass Bottle: 1million years
Plastic Bottles: 450 years
Coke can: 200 years
Newspaper: 6 weeks
Plastic bag: 20 years What YOU can do! In General: 1. Pick up litter when you see it carelessly thrown on the ground and put it in the nearest waste bin.

2. Speak to people, especially friends and family, when you see them litter and politely ask them to either pick up the litter. Take this opportunity to educate them on the damage littering causes to their community.

3. Set an example by not littering yourself. Only you can make a real difference! Map of Our Route Feed Bag Plastic bag/Animal feed bag Farm Gate Agricultural Tyre Tent Traffic Cone Containers Shopping trolley We canoed in pairs, in groups of 4 canoes
We travelled about 80 miles, over 4 days
The Expedition took us from Glasbury to Monmouth
Throughout the journey we took photographs of any litter we saw on the banks or water itself
We investigated the type of litter, distribution, effect on wildlife and tourism, how it gets in the river, and what we can do to prevent river litter Tire
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