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Clockwork Angel

No description

McKenna Penney

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Clockwork Angel

By: Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angel The genre of this book is fantasy, romance, and action. Protagonists The MAIN protagonist is Tessa Grey. The other protagonists in this story are Will, Jem, Jessamine, Charlotte and Henry, Camille, and Magnus Bane (Magnus is the least important protagonist) Antagonists The main antagonist is the Magister but his TRUE identity is not revealed till the end of the book The Dark sisters (Miss Black and Miss Dark), and de Quincey, one other antagonist is the clockwork robots/people who where made by the main antagonist Inciting Incident The inciting incident was when Will rescued Tessa from the dark sisters. Conflict Tessa's Internal Conflict: Tessa needs to find out who she really is, another internal conflict is Tessa trying to understand the other people in the book (especially Will) Tessa's External Conflict: Tessa has to face things she's never even known about before/ Tessa vs de Quincey, the dark sisters, and the magister, and Tessa has to find her brother. Climax Mr. Mortmain reveals the location of a vampire named de Quincey to the shadow hunters (de Quincey broke one of the down world laws so the shadow hunters are going to kill him) so all the shadow hunters over 18 go to attack de Quincey cause mortmain said there would be lots of other vampires and the only shadow hunters left at the institute are Jem, Will, and Jessamine but mortmain tells Jem and Will the location of the remaining dark sister and they leave the institute to find her leaving only one shadow hunter left to defend the institute. After that the clockwork people attack the institute. (This part of the presentation is not very good cause if I said to much it would ruin the book) Verisimilitude This book has medium verisimilitude cause it's not really realistic but not really unrealistic. The realistic part of the book is the setting (London) and the unrealistic part is the demons and mythical creatures and stuff. Connections Text to self: Will reminds me of my brother Devon, sometimes he is really nice and other times he is grumpy, mean, and annoying Text to world: It takes place in London and has real places in it like the London bridge Text to text: I have not read or seen anything that relates to this book other than the mortal instruments series. The similarities are that they are both about shadow hunters, down worlders, and mundanes (humans) the differences is the place, the time, and the characters. Rating I recommend this to people in junior high/ grade 6 and up and to anyone that likes action and/or fantasy THE END
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