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Art of Hosting for Culture Change Facilitators

March 30- April 1 AoH for folks working to change the culture at Ohio State University

Tuesday Ryan-Hart

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Art of Hosting for Culture Change Facilitators

Warrior/Midwife Day One - Going Deeper Day Two - Hitting the Waves and Building the Boat Day Three - Navigating the Waters The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations
March 30- April 1, 2010
The Ohio State University Checking In
What's Alive in Me Right Now? Teach: Paradoxes and Self-Hosting Many things were alive in us: patience, seeking opportunities, shifting our lenses, birthing the new, accepting ourselves, and seeing our strength - we're alive! Paradoxes Action/Reflection Individual Community Clarity/Confusion Top Down/Bottom Up Relationships/Results Purpose
To increase knowledge & awareness at OSU around the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conersations
To explore how AoH can support sustainable culture transformation at OSU
To support individuals in deepening their skills and self-awareness - moving from facilitator to host
To discover what newness might emerge as we bring together Senn Delaney and AoH 4 Fold Practice Be Present Practice Contribute Co-Create Presencing and Self Hosting Reflection:
We ARE OSU Cafe: Changes What is the change that is seeking to happen at the university? Honoring the past, present and future
Encountering our "collective": Who, What, How?
Relevance to the larger world What is the change that is seeking to happen in our department/unit? Tensions
Being and Belief
Clarity What is the change that's seeking to happen in me? Clarity around myself
Clarity on how to make a difference
Shifting priorities
New Relationships What does meaningful conversation have to do with this? Checking In with a Song We'd like to teach the world to sing... Open Space: What needs our attention now? Paired Appreciative Inquiry Walk: Tell a story about a time you navigated rough waters without a compass...what were the strengths you discovered about yourself? Cafe: Building on Our Strengths to Move us Forward Amy, Margo, and Niccole led us through a cafe to help us build our boat What are the waves we are hitting in changing the culture at OSU? How can we use our strengths to build a boat to handle these waves? How can we use Art of Hosting in building the boat to handle the waves? Check Out: One Gift I Received Today Check Out: How am I feeling as I leave this space? Triad Check In: What do I need to pay attention to today to navigate the waters? Teach: Powerful Questions Powerful questions have:
There is no formula! Open Space What are the conversations I need to have with others to take this out of the room? A select harvest of our invitations:
Website of wicked questions
Link culture change with the strategic plan
Develop a learning community between our OHRC and CPH
Set up meeting with "grounding" group
AI: Tell a story of a time when you worked with a group that successfully made a change... Our Qualities
perspective, commitment, trust, intuition, flexibility, adaptability, willingness to be uncomfortable, caring, integrity Qualities of the Group
Readiness, diversity of perspectives, common vision, trust, strategic, trust, support from above, ability to work in chaos, the "right"people Design Teach: Why did we do what we did these past three days? Check Out What am I carrying away? How will I stay connected? Thanks for the journey, friends. Happy sailing!
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