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Planning Ahead

No description

Morgan Reece

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead
Time Frames for Planning
Long-Term Planning
Unit Planning
Lesson Planning
Plans for a specific day or class
Could vary in time for a entire class period of secondary students OR could be as short as 15 minutes for an elementary class
Lesson plans should be specific and include required elements (e.g., standards, goals, independent work, instructional procedures, assessments) and structure
Should be flexible to accommodate for varying situations in the classroom
Kauchak, D.P. & Eggen, P. (2007). Teaching planning: Research and reality. In Learning and teaching: Research-based methods, 5th Ed., (pp. 74-115). London, UK: Allyn & Bacon.
Marzano, R.J. (2005). What will I do to develop effective lessons organized into a cohesive unit. In The art and science of teaching: A comprehensive framework for reflective instruction. (pp.174-190. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.
Presentation by Morgan Reece
Planning for your students
shouldn't leave you like this...
Proper planning can...
Give confidence
Ease anxiety
Provide time for differentiation
Daily Lesson Planning
Establish routines
Helps teacher focus on structure
Highlights ability to focus on new curricula
Creates a practical schedule
Aids the selection of content
Allows time to order and gather resources
Puts a time frame on select content
A "unit is a series of interconnected lessons focusing on a general topic." (Kauchak & Eggen, 2007, pg. 96)
Lasts from a week to several months
All lessons within the unit point to a broad goal
Ties individual lessons together to make them more meaningful as a whole
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