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No description

Brandon McCuin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of pluto

this prezi is presented by brandon mccuin and jake troxel pluto is 1485 miles ling and it is 1 half the size of earth. pluto is 3647 million miles away from the sun. pluto is 7.4 millilon miles away from earth. astrominer belive that pluto is not a planet becaus they think it is a metior or a comet. now they decide that is almost like a metior. pluto is the ninth planet away from the sun. it is very small planet and it is a very unussal becaus it is diffrent then all the other planets. Pluto might not be a planet it might be a metiorite nocked into our orbit. scientest belive that pluto might be saturns moon nocked out of orbit. pluto. pluto. picsearch.com. Web. 1 Jan Pluto is a small rocky object that lies at the very edge of the solar system. The planet is so far out it takes light from the sun about 5 and one half hours to reach Pluto in contrast to the 8 minutes it takes to reach Earth. Its orbit of about 248 years sometimes takes it inside Neptune’s orbit. Pluto is so cold that nitrogen and oxygen, which we breathe so easily on Earth, become frozen solid. The planet is only about two-thirds the size of our moon and up until recently was the biggest known object in the Kuiper Belt.
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