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Competitive Presentation

A timeline showing how the first four days of the online PR battle between Nestle and Greenpeace . It shows the numbers of people online who helped drive the PR disaster for Nestle over the company's alleged use of unsustainable palm oil and resultant dam


on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Competitive Presentation

5th Seminar ALL about Competitive Presentation agreed Viral Marketing Haagendazs Compete what? Point! not wanted idea is trash Concept is needed! 1. Ctrl+c,v 2. Create creative creativity 3. Make pt all night 4. Ready for rehearsal Haagendazs Dead-line May 24
Theme START! Contest Exhibition Process of Competitive Presentation Viral Marketing viral [vaɪrəl] : The term viral is used to describe anything related to viruses. Attention Interest Desire Action Memory How to Attent!on? within 30page of within 10MB of PPT file D-day
May 28
Interim report 5/17
Rehearsal 5/24
SOMETHING. While I prepared this seminar,
I found Scarcity Tip from little experience Let's compare Have you ever seen
Haagendaz shop? .. .. .. Coldstone shops in Seoul Haargendazs shops in Korea 38 22 If I bought Haargendazs
Belgian Chocolate mini cups
to our interior Team? Exactly this ! Specific Plan Presentation is Not reading the Proper Forms Be rare Presenter Ready for Attack This is all for today. Thank you for listening
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