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biodiesel english

No description

abraham vazquez

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of biodiesel english

Introduction What you want to get with this project is to achieve the replacement of fossil diesel by biodiesel Advantages of biodiesel you have created biodiesel Steps for processing Biodiesel Biodiesel What is biodiesel? Is an organic origin fuel produced from vegetable oils the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, especially CO2 Most reducing toxic emissions or pollutants. to be an oxygenated fuel and contain no sulfur, has a more complete combustion the oil is filtered to remove solids It is heated to 120 degrees to evaporate the water for 10 minutes Methanol is mixed with caustic soda oil is allowed to cool down to 60 degrees and then add the methoxide Mix for 40 minutes Let stand for 2 days or 3 and then decanted glycerin (product of the transterificacion) Glycerin is removed is cleaned with water and then decanted to remove the inferior Is heated to 100 degrees to evaporate water and finally is left to cool to ambient temperature
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