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Monument 14

No description

Tonya West

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Monument 14

Monument 14
Sky on Fire
By: Emmy Laybourne
Thesis Statement
In the fictional novel,
Monument 14 Sky on Fire
, Emmy Laybourne uses characterization, symbolism, and tone to show that love and hope can overcome any obstacle.

Indirect Characterization
Laybourne uses actions to support the theme by indirectly characterizing Dean as a determined character: "I ran for it with everything I had" (199).
A grim tone is conveyed using diction. "We just drove over a body lying right in the road. The thumps were
and though we couldn't
them over the engine, we could
them. The body had a
give to it as we went over it. A
give, if that even makes sense." (12)
An example of symbolism in the story is the bus. I believe it symbolizes the groups hope for survival. It is the only thing that can allow them to make the long journey to the airport.
Another method to support the theme is symbolism. Laybourne uses the battery-powered floodlights as an example of symbolism. It symbolizes the hope that the group has of getting to safety. "Every 200 yards or so, there are big, battery-powered floodlights. These are good: 1. They lead the way. 2. They help us to see better as we pass. 3. They give us hope that there's someone looking out for us."(11)
Thanks for Watching!
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