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Christopher Columbus

No description

dean wu

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
By: Group Where's Dean
Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in Italy on October 31st, 1451 and died on May 20th, 1506. He was a explorer, navigator, colonizer . In 1492 the king and queen in Spain let Columbus set sail. He had crossed the Atlantic four times in 1492~1502 and successfully reached America.

About Christopher Columbus

Columbus set sails 2
September 25 1493 Columbus led about 1,200 people who arrived in 17 boats from Cadiz starting November 3 Columbus found Dominican Island, Guadeloup,Puerto and other Island.Columbus established the first Spanish colony in the Americas. Indians were subject to a heavy duty gold or driven into the gold mine in slave labor.
Columbus set sail on August 3rd, 1492. He had three ships: the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. They were wooden ships with sails. There were about 90 men in the ships. When they first stopped at America, he thought he was in India, so they call them indians.Cloumbus gave them cheep,presents, and bells. But he also claimed their islands of Spain.
Columbus set sails 1
Columbus set sails 3
In 1498, Columbus went on the third voyage. He left six ship and took three of the ship headed directly to New world. On August 1 Columbus found Trinidad. August 5 Columbus first embark on South American.August. 31 return to Santo Domingo, because of country strife.

The map for columbus's sea route to New world
: first voyage
: second voyage
: third voyage
:fourth voyage
Columbus set sails 4
Columbus in the New World 1
Columbus finally reached the Americas Lucayan Archipelago in a small island. He named the island " San Salvador" Columbus encountered Lucca, Taino and Arawak people. They very friendly. Columbus thought they were in Japan, but they were in Cuba. He stay at Cuba explore for a while, then he sail back to Spain.
Q & A
1. Did columbus find Asia at the firist set sail?

2.What job did Columbus father did?

3.What time did Columbus borned?
Marco Polo
Q & A
4.What jobs did Columbus did.

5.How many times did Columbus set sails.

6.What did Columbus founds.
May 9. 1502, Columbus only led 4 ship 150 people form cadiz. They went to Panama's ,1503 retrace the island of Jamaicaㄡ. 1502 return to Spain.
Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy on September 15th, 1254 and died on January 8th, 1324. He was a travler and a explorer. His mother died when he was small and his father already starting to do business, so he live with his aunt and uncle.
People in Europe wanted to find a new sea route to east to trade with Asia. The portuguese tried to sailing south around Africa, but it was to far. Columbus thought the world was round, so he want to sail west to reach china in few days.
Columbus's father was a wool merchant and weaver. We don't know Columbus went to school much. He may have had lessons from monks. His family hope to get rich from trade.地
His Dream
Christopher Columbus Childhood
The First Journey to China
His dad and his uncle left Venice in 1255. In the beginning, they did not want to go to China, but when they were on there way, they met some envoy that was sent by the Yuan emperor, so they dicided to go to China.

In 1271, Marco Polo and his dad and his uncle went to China again. They sailed to Acre( a city in Israel) and then rode on camels to Persian. After leaving Venice for three and a half years, they finally arrived the capital of Yuan in 1275.

Columbus in New World 3
Marco Polo's Road Map
On May 30th 1498 Columbus was able to head back to the New World with 6 caravelles and lots of supplies.
After doing extensive exploration, he was able to returned to Hispaniola on 19 August, than because of his poor health he returned to spain.

Marco Polo's Trip to China
Why Columbus Wants to go to Asia
Columbus sailed west because he wanted to go explore new land for more people. He also wanted to find a route to Asia, and to get riches and treasures for both Spain and himself. Another reason Columbus wanted to sail west to Asia was that he wanted to prove that the world was round.
Christopher Columbus did not achieve his goal, but he found a new world. Even if he was not the first person to find India, but he brought the Europeans lots of new knowledge, wealth, and education to their world.
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