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Introduction to Greek Mythology

SWBAT describe the Greek Gods and their domains by using a graphic organizer

Mary Ashley Federer

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Greek Mythology

An Introduction to Greek Mythology
Ancient Greece
Myth: 1. A traditional or legendary story, usually concerning a hero, god, goddess, or demigod 2. an untrue story

1) a long poem about a hero's adventures
or 2) impressive or great

Divine: Holy or godly

Deities: A synonym for gods or goddess; holy people
First, some vocabulary...
Zeus: The king of the Gods
Who were the gods and goddesses?
Hera: Queen of the Gods, Zeus's wife
Hades: God of the underworld
Poseidon: God of the sea
Mount Olympus: A mountain in
Greece and home of the Gods
Where did they live?
Athena: Goddess of wisdom
Aries: God of war
Aphrodite: Goddess of love, mother of
Apollo: God of the Sun
Dionysus: God of grapes and madness and ecstacy
How did they become gods?
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