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Prison Break Character Analysis

No description

Sal Abbracciamento

on 24 December 2015

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Transcript of Prison Break Character Analysis

Identify Foreclosure
Michael Scofield- Bio
Maslow Pyramid
In prison Michael is trying to find safety . While in prison Michael is almost killed four times. He doesn't know who he could trust and who are the people trying to kill him. For example, he needs to trust other people if he wants to break out of prison with his brother. At times he depends on the wrong people and he ends up in tough situations. To be safe he needs to find the people that are on his side and the people that care about his safety.
Michael has their mother's last name, Lincoln has their father's. She died of a brain aneurysm brought on by a brain tumor when Michael was 11 and Lincoln was 15. Their father Aldo Burrows, left them when they were young,

Michael robs a banks on purpose to be with his brother Lincoln. He is in prison for killing Terrence Steadman. Michael is a structural engineer by training and as such has a thorough understanding of building design.

Lincoln grew up as the older sibling in an extremely dysfunctional parental environment. His mother "died" when he was seven, and his dad left when he was fourteen. He attempted to provide for his brother Micheal by doing actions with criminal aspects to them. He was in and out of juvy all through his adolescence. When he wasn't locked up, he was finding ways to avoid his foster parents and support Micheal. Lincoln borrowed $90,000 to give to his brother, claiming it was their mother's insurance policy, and Micheal used the money to become a very successful engineer. Lincoln however, had to pay back his debt, and got involved with the wrong people, and he found himself getting framed for the "murder" of the vice president's brother, which was staged to cover up a conspiracy.
Biography- Lincoln Burrows
Lincoln Burrows is senteced to the death penalty for killing the Vice Presidents Brother. He was set up, and his brother knows this, so Micheal Scofield goes into Fox River Pennitentiary, one of the best in world, to break his brother out. His secret is that he tattooed the bluprints for the prison all over his torso.
Lincoln Burrows
- Death Row Inmate, Innocent
Micheal Scofield
- Brilliant Architect, Will break his brother out of prison
Sara Tancredi
- Prison Doctor, Her office is point of escape
Fernando Sucre
- Micheal's cell mate
LJ Burrows
- Lincoln's Son, Uncover's conspiracy plot
John Abruzzi
- Mob boss in prison, owns means of fleeing the country
Paul Kellerman
- FBI agent working to execute Lincoln quickly
Charles Westmoreland
- Inmate who supposedly has 5 million dollars stashed away.

Before Michael went to jail to break out his brother his life was going great and he was the right path. He had a great high paying job that he loved being an architect. Him and his buddies always went out to the bar and had a good time. In addition to that he had a very big house.
Maslow Pyramid
Prison Break Character Analysis
Michael Scofield - Ryan Passaro
Lincoln Burrows- Sal Abbracciamento



"..." = must watch show to understand truth
Biography cont.
Lincoln is a simple man with a very bad temper. Even being faced with the death penalty, he accepts it and keeps to himself. That is of course, until Micheal enters Fox River to break him out. The most important thing to Lincoln is his family, LJ and Micheal. Lincoln can be defined as a loner, excluding his love for his family.

Erikson's Psychosocial Stages of Development theory
, Lincoln did not fully develop during stage 6. Stage 6 happens in late adolescence, and this is when people develop relationships. Because he was consumed with providing for is brother, and couldn't live a normal life, he never learned to trust or love other people. The closest thing he had to intimacy in his life was a close friend/ girlfriend who he abandoned. Veronica was his lawyer, trying to free him from prison, but was killed whilst uncovering a conspiracy plot.
When Lincoln is sentenced to the death penalty, Michael wants to help him break out because Lincoln is telling him that he did not commit the crime. Since Michael helped build the prison he sets a goal to break his brother Lincoln out of the prison. Michael goes as far as getting a full body tattoo of how the prison was built and all the ways out of the prison. A major reason that Michael has set his mind on breaking Lincoln out of jail is that Lincoln borrowed 90,000 and gave it to the Michael so he could become an engineer. So Michael feels like he needs to do this for Lincoln to make it up to him.
Personality Theories
Lincoln Burrows
Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory
Maslow's Humanistic Hierarchy of Needs
Top Traits
Lincoln never had the chance to progress past the second level on Maslow's pyramid. Since his childhood he never had a stable home, stable people in his life, or a stable direction for his life. He is constantly searching for security. This is shown, first, when he sleeps on micheal's doorstep before going to Fox River. Now, Lincoln is stuck searching for safety as he fends off the prion atmosphere and constant threats to his life.
The Trait that can relate to Lincoln best, is a very low degree of Agreeableness. Lincoln has only ever been able to trust and rely on himself. He is the definition of a loner. He is usually silent, agressive, and cold. In prison, he is stuck in solitary confinement, becasue he is a risk to the other inmates considering he has nothing to lose. He talks to no one. He has the ability to be charismatic and open, but is never in a situation where he would feel comfortable doing this. An example of how this descirbes Lincoln is when Micheal first tries to locate his brother in prison, all the inmates tell Micheal that "Linc" doesn't talk to anyone, and that he would have better luck flying over the wall.
Using this theory, Lincoln is controlled by the ID, and rarely succombs to the Ego. Lincoln's life has been a series of actions which are driven by the need to survive. Starting as a teen, he has never been astranged to stealing, intimidating, or hurting people to attain what he or his brother needs to live. He shows this in an episode where another inmate is hired to assassinate Lincoln, and he defends himself, but results in the death of the other inmate, and he was unfazed by it. He knows that it was his death or the inmates, and he has no problem making the hard choice.
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