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Ryan eden

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Canada

- Canada is the second largest country in the world by area.

-Quebec [a city an Canada] runs 1600 kilometers east to west

-It is more than 1,000 miles east to west.

- It is slightly larger than the United States

-The population is just smaller than California.

-features a variety of climates and terrains.

The Geography affects the way people live because it shows the amount of land there is in each area. Plus it shows the
climate and features.

Canada's Government
-Canada uses a Parliamentary Democracy in which it is a mix between England's government and America's
-Canada's Prime Minister is Stephan Harper
-The Provincial government is in charge of the education, healthcare and welfare
-They have many liberties like the freedom of speech
-Canada is considered a government of low corruption and transparency
Canada's Landforms
Canada's Cash Income
Canada's Past
-Canada uses the Canadian dollar, which is worth less than the US Dollar
-In 2012 Canada banned the penny for the fact that is wasn't cost effected
-Canada produces gold, silver, copper, uranium, nickel, etc
-The average person has a similar job to the average person in the US
-Quickly recovered from the global economic chrisis in 2008
Viking in Baffin Island
-The Britian and French found Canada in the 1500's

-French colonists arrived in the 1600's

-Throughout the 1600's Britain fought France for it

-In 1763 the treaty of Paris gave Britain control over Canada.

- The flag was mad in 1964

This all had an impact on the country because if it never happened, then Canada might not have been discovered

Canada's Behavior
-On Baffin Island, there is proof of a viking out post
-In Tanfield vally, they have found a pelt fragment, a hammer made of bone, and viking yarn
-This is the second archeological site in North America with Viking remains.
-Materials that vikings used were found there.
-Still, nobody is positive about this discovery.
-Modes of transportation are railroads, highways, waterways and air travel
-French bonjour is a good greeting to friends
-Greeting family with a light kiss on the cheek, like in Europe
-Breakfast is at 8:00am, Lunch is at 12:00pm, Dinner is at 6:00pm
-Canada day-A celebration for when in 1867, Canada United with all the provinces
-Although it was in 1867 when they united, it wasn't until 1938 when they started it as a celebration
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