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Copy of Rizal's Love

The Ten Women in Rizal's Life

Camille Macapagal

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Rizal's Love

Rizal's Loves Segunda Katigbak Leonor Valenzuela Jose and Orang Jose and Segunda Criticisms Rizal's First Love: Julia (Minang) In terms of intelligence, Rizal might be considered different from merely average human beings. But in terms of the matter of the heart, He was a man who could also fall in love. In fact, Rizal began to feel in love with the opposite sex in his adolescent years. Rizal was a womanizer. Rizal was fifteen when he first got interested in girls. "My usually loquacious tongue becomes mute when my heart is filled with sentiment."
~J.Rizal Jose was attracted to Segunda,
but because she was already
betrothed to another young man,
he did not think much of her. Rizal send her love notes written in invisible ink, that could only be deciphered over the warmth of the lamp or candle. He visited her on the eve of his departure to Spain and bade her a last goodbye. Ten Women in Rizal's Life Rizal was respectful to women. Rizal follow women not for fun but for sincere love. Rizal is a man endowed with high degree of moral ideals. Jose went to a hot spring resort in Los Banos for swimming. He rode on a carromata. On their way, he told the driver to stop near a stream.

He dipped into the cold water and walked upstream then heard a voice of a girl singing. There he saw a young pretty girl, accompanied by her grandmother. Jose saw her; she saw him too. This time their eyes seemed to be the bridge of the voices of their young hearts. Jose and Julia Rizal's Second Love: Segunda is the younger sister of Mariano Katigbak, Jose's friend.

She studied and boarded together with Jose's elder sister Olympia in La Concordia, a school for girls founded in 1868 and formerly called Colegio de la Immaculada Conception Concordia.

She was betrothed to a man named Manual Luz. "the winsome Orang" Leonor or Orang is a tall girl from Pagsangjan. She is the daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela.

Rizal used to visit the Valenzuela's residence because it is where he used to entertain his friends with card tricks.

Rizal's attention was caught by Leonor's
regal beauty. Jose and Orang Leonor Rivera Parents: Antonio Rivera
Sylvestra Rivera
(Rizal's relatives) Born: April 11, 1867 Died: August 28, 1893 @ age 26 Jose Rizal-Leonor Rivera
Relationship Leonor, from awkward provinciana woman to a charming, graceful lady. Rizal began to court Leonor and became lovers. Lovers Code Leonor: Rizal : dear Taimis Unforgettable and
dearest lover Love Triangle
(Double Leonor) Rizal's heart happened to be tied up to two Leonors. But Orang was considered more of a friend than a prospective life partner. Eventually, Orang married another man. Love Triangle
(Rizal, Leonor,Country) As a budding nationalist, he could not just be satisfied with having a medical degree and perhaps a lovely wife in the person of Taimis. The welfare of the country was also in the forefront of Rizal's consciousness.
Rizal then thought of leaving the country for Europe.
The main reason for living the country is revealed in Paciano's letter to his younger brother, Jose, dated May 20, 1882:

To me the principal purpose of your departure is not to finish this course but to study other things of greater usefulness or that to which you are more inclined. Rizal's plan to leave for Europe was known but to only few people: Saturnina, Lucia, Uncle Antonio Rivera, the Valenzuela family, and some friends but it was not know to his parents and to his dear Taimis.

Rizal, being very attached to Leonor Rivera, insisted to marry her inspite of Paciano's warning.
Paciano warned Jose that "if he stayed in the country in pursuit of Leonor, all their plans would be thwarted by his eventual arrest and imprisonment."
"Iniisip mo lang ang iyong sarili ! (You're only thinking of yourself !) Paciano lost his temper and told Rizal in the presence of their sister Narcisa, With that curt remark, Rizal packed his bags and left for Europe. Prior to his departure he wrote two letters, one for his parents and one for his dear Leonor.
Leonor was in Pangasinan for summer vacation when she received the letter of Rizal. She bitterly wept. Leonor's Silence Rizal and Leonor's communication through letters were cut off for a long time. So Rizal wondered why Leonor became silent.
It was not a real silence in the sense that Leonor discarded Rizal as lover. It was because of her mother's intervention. Mother's Proposal Tia Betang, Leonor's mother proposed to Leonor an Englishman.

Charles Henry Kipping Leonor sent a letter to Rizal informing her marriage to Kipping. Leonor's mother did not block the letter in the post office. According to a friend who was with Rizal when he red Leonor's letter, "he (Rizal) wept like a child" Rizal shared his feelings to Blumentritt: "When I received the news, I thought I was on the point of going mad.. Ach! Do not be surprised that a Filipina has preferred the name Kipping to the name Rizal. No, do not be surprised. An Englishman is a free man, and I am not. Enough. Let this be the final word." Leonor's Demands 1. that her mother should stand beside her in the church,
2. that she should never be asked to sing again, and
3. that while she lived the piano should remain locked. Leonor's Marriage June 1891
Instead of a marriage with willingness and joy, it was a marriage filled with broken-hearted feelings
Leonor died on August 28, 1893, two years after her marriage. Rizal's Reprimand When Rizal arrived in Manila on June 26, 1892 in his second homecoming, he visited Leonor in Dagupan.
He visited Leonor not to congratulate her but to reprimand about her marriage to Kipping. On the basis of these records, would one then say that Rizal was a womanizer? I don't think so. A womanizer would not be able to experience such a passion of true love. A womanizer simply wants to cater oneself with momentary pleasures. But Rizal's case was a deeply-seated, intense feeling of love. When Rizal was informed about Leonor's death, Rizal stayed in his room for a day, brooding, while fondling a lock of Leonor's hair. Consuelo Ortega y Perez daughter of Don Pablo Ortiga Y. Rey
beautiful and vivacious
Courted by Rizal and Eduardo de Lete (Rizal's friend who was deeply in love with Consuelo) Rizal did not pursue his interest to Consuelo for 2 reasons: 1. He was still engaged to Leonor Rivera, and
2. He gave way to his friend and
co-worker in the Propaganda Movement, Eduardo de Lette. O-Sei-San Seiko Usui (Real name)
daughter of a Japanese samurai
A girl endowed with delicate beauty and intelligence. O-Sei-San to Rizal taught su-mie
helped Rizal improve his knowledge of Japanese language Rizal with O-Sei-San visit galaries and temples
walk under the moonlight
stop at some quaint-looking teahouses
talk endlessly under lantern
lit cypress trees
attend Kabuki plays Eventually, Rizal left Japan and O-Sei-San for the United States to continue his patriotic mission.

O-Sei-San married only in 1897, after Rizal's execution. Gertude Beckett "Gettie" Lives in London
eldest of the daughters of Becket Family (where Rizal boarded while in London) Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks She fell in love with the brown-skinned, brainy Rizal.
Rizal was also attracted to Gertrude but did not give way to the desires of his heart for his country.
He left to London for Paris to avoid. Nelly Bousted As Rizal saw her, was a real Filipina, highly intelligent, vivacious in temperament, and morally upright
Tomas Arejola (Rizal's friend) encouraged him to marry Nelly
Antonio Luna (courted Nelly) 2 Reasons why their love affair failed: 1. Rizal did not give up his Roman Catholic Faith and espouse Protestantism
2.Nelly's mother did not like Rizal Suzanne Jacoby Suzanne Jacoby or Suzanne Thrill? Sir Lucien Spittael
Letters (1890)
- an undated love letter sent to Rizal was signed by Suzanne T.
- other two letter's were signed by "Petite Suzanne" Age Comparison: Catherine Jacoby - 55 yrs. old
Suzanne Jacoby - 46 yrs. old
Suzanne Thrill - 18 yrs. old (none was married) Rizal that time was 29 years old. Josephine Bracken 18-year old petite Irish girl, with bold blue eyes, brown hair and a happy disposition
With her father George Taufer, they came to Dapitan seeking for cure of her father's blindness. Rizal's sisters did not like Josephine because 1. She had a very modest education
2. She was suspected as a friars' spy She decided to join the revolutionary movement and is being known for her unselfish caring for the sick and wounded Katipuneros. Church authorities will not administer the sacrament of matrimony unless he first retracted. Rizal refused to do so forcing him and Josephine to live together. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis ( the book where Rizal wrote his short dedication expressing his consideration of Josephine as his wife)
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