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Beginning Genealogy

Beginning Genealogy at AADL

molly mooney

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Beginning Genealogy

Beginning Genealogy An introduction to researching your family history Begin in the Present Collect information from resources you own
Birth, marriage, and death certificates
Baptismal or other religious records
Bibles, diaries, and albums
Funeral programs and obituaries
Wedding announcements Collect information from living relatives Make a list of living relatives
Contact relatives to fill in important details
Ask relatives for information about ancestors Record, Record, Record! Methodically record information
Keep records organized
Make notes of missing information so you know what you still need to find
Record where information was found
Keep record of discrepancies Organization & Methods: It's up to you! Organization Genealogical software
Digital documents in computer files
Hard copies in paper files
Organize by family Methods Choose one line
Explore multiple lines
Direct lineage or wide focus The World of Genealogical Resources Ancestry (ancestry.com)
Heritage Quest (heritagequest.com)
Ellis Island (ellisisland.org)
Family Search (familysearch.org)
US Immigration Service (uscis.gov
US GenWeb Project (usgenweb.org)
Cyndi's List (cyndislist.com) The Neighborhood of Genealogical Resources Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County (http://www.hvcn.org/info/gswc)
Family History Center, Saline
Ann Arbor District Library
Detroit Public Library
Library of Michigan
Detroit Historical Museum
Fort Wayne
Washtenaw CountyClerk The Local Community of Genealogical Resources Public libraries
Historical societies and museums
Religious institutions
Local archives and directories
County records offices US Census Taken every ten years since 1790
US census records 1790-1930 currently available
Most of 1890 census has been lost due to fire and water damage US Census 1790-1840 Incomplete
Hard to read
Name only the head of household 1850-1870 Name all members of household
Do not give relationships between household members 1880-1930 Name all members of household
Specify relationship of each person to the head of household Accessing Recent Censuses 1940 Census will be available in 2012

Delay in making records public to protect privacy: 72 years as "natural life cycle"

Age Search Service through US Census Bureau allows access to limited census information that applies to one's self, or legal heir or legal representative Ancestry.com Library edition only available at AADL
Personal subscriptions 12.95/month
Multiple data sets http://www.ancestry.com Censuses from US, UK, Canada, Germany, & Australia (1790-1920)
Birth, marriage, and death records (SSDI)
Military Records
Immigration & emigration records
City directories Best place to start Heritage Quest Accessible from home via AADL
Provides access to: US censuses
Family and local history articles
Revolutionary War records
Freedman's Bank records
US Serial Set Inflexible search engine http://www.aadl.org Ellis Island History and timeline
Flexible search engine Many search fields in Advanced Search Passenger records Name, ethnicity, last residence, arrival date, age at arrival, marital status, ship, port of departure, & image of original record http://www.ellisisland.org Family Search Non-profit service sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
International genealogical records
Collective effort for past 100 years http://www.familysearch.org US Citizenship & Immigration Service USCIS.gov>Resources>Other>Genealogy
Index Search: $20, retrieves record citations
Record Copy Request:$20-35, retrieves copies of records if user has citation Available Records: Naturalization Certificates (1906-1956)
Alien Registration Forms (1940-1944)
Visa files (1924-1944)
Registry files (1929-1944)
Alien files (numbered below 8 million and documents therein dated prior to May 1, 1951) Roots Web US GenWeb http://www.uscis.gov Online network that "connects people so that they can help each other and share genealogical research"
User-contributed content
Mailing lists & message board Volunteer project dedicated to "keeping Internet genealogy free"
User-created content
Organized geographically http://www.rootsweb.com http://www.usgenweb.com Cyndi's List Index of online genealogical resources
Organized by subject
A great place to find relevant resources
Start with the Beginners page http://www.cyndislist.com Vital Stats on Vital Records Vital records are birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees & death records
Vital records were not kept consistently in the US until the early 20th century
Usually contain full name(s), date of event, and location of event
Accessible through the county, state, or country, or Ancestry.com Tips & Tricks Find US information first
Join local or regional genealogy organizations Some provide easy access to vital records
Newsletters contain valuable information Keep records and stay organized!
Don't give up! Ancestral Chart Also known as "pedigree," "family tree," "lineage," and "ascendant chart"
Starts with an individual (e.g. you) and moves back, listing the individual's direct ancestors
Individuals are numbered (men, odd; women, even. The starting individual is #1)
Contains names and the dates and locations of birth, marriage, and death Family Group Record For recording information on a family unit
Contains: Dates and locations of births, marriages, deaths, & burials
Military records
Names of parents and other spouses
Religious affiliations
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