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Career Project

No description

Michael Spear

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Career Project

Career Project

Career Choice
My career choice is to be a robotic engineer. I would like to pursue this occupation because i like to design and test different types of stuff and see what can be done to improve it. Also i would like to pursue this occupation because i like to work with technology.
Robotic Engineer Facts
This occupation is growing due to the growing green of the economy. This occupation will help develop greener manufacturing processes. People with good mechanical, computer, and communication skills have a better opportunity of being an engineer. This occupation is increasing. One thing i did not know you had to do is debug robotic programs. However, one item i know i will enjoy is build, configure, and test robots. One item i did not know is physics. Two electives they suggest is blueprint reading and introduction to mechanics. Two core classes they suggest is math class through trigonometry and a science class through physics. One item that i need is a bachelors degree in engineering. One education item i need after high school is computer science, electronic engineering, and physics degree. One on-the-job training that i must accomplish is by employer and project. Requirements include being a citizen of the Unites States, graduate from a school approved by the board, have four or more work experiences, and pass the in-training and professional examinations. You renew your license every three years.
Post-Secondary Options
Two options after high school i plan to so is either attend a University or enlist in the Military. I would go to a University at Stanford University located in San Francisco, California. I would go to the Military at West point located in New York, New York. Three types of financial resources I plan to use to pay for my post-secondary option is a scholarship, Pell Grant, and work study. The scholarship I would go for is the Gates Millennium Scholarship.
In KMS the core classes i took to show proof of reaching my goal is taking reading, math, language arts, science, and government. Elective classes i took would be career exploration, art, physical education, music, and Navajo language. High school core classes i will take will be math, science, reading, English, and government. Elective classes i will take in high school will be introduction to tech core, construction, designing, modeling, and computer graphics. During high school i will focus more on classes with technology and mechanics to help me pursue this occupation so i can lean more about it.
Have you ever thought how are robots built and the steps it took to build them?
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