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The Kill Order

By: Laura Ingouf: This is my 2nd nine weeks book report.

Laura Ingouf

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Kill Order

The Kill Order By: James Dashner Characters Mark Setting This story takes place in a world that is devastated by sun flares. One day, all of a sudden, there were massive sun flares, killing billions of people. Everyone left alive fled to settlements in previously very cold areas and the mountains. This story is supposed to be in the future, and much of it takes place in the Appalachian Mountains. Mark is a teenage boy who has survived the sun flares and is living in the mountains with his friends. Trina is his girlfriend. Trina Trina is a teenage girl who survived the sun flares and is living in the mountains with her friends. She is Mark's girlfriend. Alec Report by: Laura Ingouf Alec is a man retired from the defense department of the military. He is like the leader of the group. Lana Lana is a woman who used to be a nurse in the army before the sun flares hit. She helps lead the group with Alec. Deedee Deedee is a little girl that the group finds abandoned in a village. They decide to bring her along. Darnell Darnell is a kid who survived the sun flares and lives with his friends in the mountains. He is very goofy. He is close friends with Toad and Misty. Misty Misty is a kid who survived the sun flares and now lives in the mountains. She is good friends with Darnell and Toad. Toad Toad is a kid who survived the sun flares and now lives in the mountains. He is good friends with Misty and Darnell. Plot In The Kill Order, there is a small group of friends living in a mountain settlement that they escaped to from New York after the sun flares hit. The group includes Alec, Lana, Mark, Trina, Misty, Darnell, and Toad. After a year, things are finally starting to seem somewhat normal when a giant berg(like a plane) comes up with people in green suits who start shooting darts at the settlement. Many people get hit and Alec and Mark stow away on the plane to stop them and end up crashing it. Mark finds out that what was in the darts was a highly contagious disease. They get back to their friends and find out that many people, including their friend Darnell, were hit by the darts and got sick. It was very painful and made them turn kind of crazy. They make plans to leave and try to find the hideout of the dart-shooters with the help of a workpad found on the crashed berg. Unfortunately, Misty, Toad, and Darnell all get sick and die from the disease. As the others set off for the berg's home base, they come across a village with dead bodies and one little girl. They find out that the village was hit by the same darts and the same people that they were. The little girl tells them that her name is Deedee; she is probably only about four and they have no idea why someone would leave her like she said the people from her village did. Surprisingly, she was shot by a dart and she did not even get sick yet. They decide to take her with them and they eventually find out that the disease is going out of control. It is taking longer to kill people as it spreads and making them go more and more insane. They do everything they can to help save the earth from the terrible disease, but have to be very careful, because chances are that they will soon catch it themselves. climax The climax of this story is when Alec and Mark have just rescued their friends and seen what the disease can do to people. This is also the point when they realize that they can probably not be saved, and they realize what they must do to keep humans from extinction. Although there are actually many climax points in the book, this was the biggest one. Conflict Some types of conflict were: Man vs. Man Man vs. Self Man vs. Society There was quite a lot of man vs. man conflict in this book. There was fighting with Mark and the others against people gone mad from the disease. There was also fighting against the dart-shooters to try and stop them. There was man vs. self conflict when the characters were trying to stop themselves from giving in and going mad from the disease. There was also man vs. self conflict when they were trying to decide what the best decision was. There is some man vs. society conflict when Mark and the others are fighting against the people who shot the darts and made everyone sick. They call themselves the PFC(Post Flares Coalition). They are pretty much the government of the world and are trying to make decisions based on what would benefit them and not based on saving other people's lives. Since the PFC is the government, they are the society that Mark and his friends are trying to stop from spreading the disease and making life on Earth miserable. Theme hi I think the theme of this book is that Ideas should be thought over very carefully before they are put to action and that what seems like a good idea may cause no end of suffering. We see this in the book where the PFA thought that it was in the world's best interest to decrease the population with the virus, but they were dead wrong. This book is the prequel to the Maze Runner series. One way the theme is shown is how at the end of The Kill Order, Mark makes a decision that seems like the right one, but in the other books you realize that it may not have been the right decision. Recommendations This was a very good book, and I love the whole series. It is very action-packed and always keeps you guessing. I would definitely recommend reading The Kill Order and The Maze Runner. I really enjoyed reading it. The End!
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