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Where will life lead me?

No description

Alex Allen

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Where will life lead me?

Life will take me on an adventure. This prezi will lead you threw my life! Well, at least it will take you threw my dream! Where Will Life Lead Me? I want to start my life in High School. I will work at Chillers/ Zestos Ice Cream! I will go to Iowa State. I am going to Iowa State becuase they major in music widely. Were Will I Go To College? I want to major in music. Iowa state covers music in a big scale! A bigger scale means a better job. Better job means more money! What is the major I want? You must have (2* ACT composite score)+(1* high school rank)+ (20* high school grade point average)+(5* number of high school course completed in there core subject areas) What are the requirments to become a musician? My future car is
An Old Blue VW Bug. It is
$12,094 if I want new! Future House and Car? What Will I Do In Life? How much does it take to get in? It takes $75,040 to get into Iowa State University. My house in Hawaii How much does a Musician make? A musician about $330,000 a year makes! I wish to be like this! http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/
-HI-96731/2112784788_zpid/ My Monthly Budget I will get 65,000 a year and if you multiply how much I get by twelve you will learn how much you earn in a month. I make 5,416 by 6% for taxes. Then I got 416. Then subtract 5,416 and 416 you get 5,000. Then I subtract 1,650 for monthly bills. My house payment is 2,200.So I subtract 3,350 by 2,200 and I get 1,100. That's my monthly budget!
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