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Keith Haring Presentation

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Grace C.

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Keith Haring Presentation

Keith Haring Presentation
By: Grace Chun

Who was the influencing artist and why/is their work impactful?
What is similar about your work and the artist's work? What is different?
Keith Haring left an influential impact in the world of pop culture. The bold lines and bright colors appeal many viewers. Although his artwork consists of simplicity, deeper meaning of harmony, unity, love, and death is evident. He wanted to leave an impactful political message to the world. Moreover, his public work symbolizes social messages. He dedicated much of his artwork to orphanages, charities, and hospitals. Haring had a strong passion and kindness towards children, and he would often hold workshops and classes for them. Keith Haring's work still inspires us today.
Do you think this artist would have liked your work? Why or why not?
Influencing artist: Keith Haring
I believe that Keith Haring would have enjoyed my artwork. It consists of bold lines and energetic colors, quite similar to Haring's work. Perhaps he would be appealed by the creative use of yarn.
Subject Matter
Outside Influences
Pop Art: Pop Art is a modern art movement, started in the 1950's, which uses the imagery, styles, and themes of advertising, mass media, and popular culture. (About.com) Keith Haring used pop art and graffiti in his artwork. Though I didn't use graffiti, I used the properties of pop art (bold lines and bright colors).
When Keith Haring did graffiti art on the street, he used chalk. He used blank advertising canvases along the subway. His other artwork consists of a variety of paints as well as markers. On the other hand, I used cardboard as a canvas and used yarn to represent the vivid, bright lines.
Keith Haring was quite interested in street graffiti, so he started to draw in subways. His simplistic drawings consisted mainly of dancing and moving people, flying saucers, dogs, winged creatures, and animals.
Keith Haring had many influential artists that inspired him to create his artwork. His father was an invaluable contributor; he taught him the basics of cartooning. Other influential people include: Walt Disney and Dr; Seuss. Andy Warhol's unique pop art was quite inspirational as well.
Keith Haring's work has a deeper meaning and purpose. He is truly inspirational. These simple, plain drawings express political issues as well as his feelings and opinions. For instance, he created murals and public sculptures to inform people about drug awareness, nuclear warfare, and AIDS. It was quite unfortunate that Keith Haring, a youthful, bright artist, died when diagnosed with AIDS. He was quite young, only 31.
Overview: Keith Haring was an influential artist who used pop art and graffiti. He was born May 4, 1958, in Reading, Pennsylvania. When he was 31, he was diagnosed with AIDS and died in February 16, 1990, in New York, New York City. He is a cherished and well-known artist.
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