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Survival of the Sickest: Chapter IV

"Hey, Bud, Can You do Me a Fava?"

Eliza Gaither

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Survival of the Sickest: Chapter IV

What is the connection between-
European Clover/ Australian Sheep Breeding Crisis of the 1940's- The phytoestrogen in the European clover disrupted to reproducing abilities of the sheep because they consumed so much of it.
Capsaisin/ Birds and Mammals- birds cannot feel the heat of the capsaisin because they don't have the nerve fibers that mammals do. because they can't sense the heat or feel the pain they are able to spread the seed of chili peppers.
Malaria/ Air Conditioning- Malaria is usually observed in people who live in warm climates. So in 1850 Dr. John Gorrie developed the air conditioner and put in in certain hospital wards in an attempt to stop the spread of malaria. Unfortunately, his theory was incorrect, but we still benefit from his invention to this day.
Favism/ Fava Beans- fava beans basically cause a severe allergic reaction to individuals with favism.
What is G2P0? Describe the role of G6P0.
Explain why hot peppers burn our tongues but birds don't feel the heat.
A chemical called capsaisin is in the peppers and poisons you when you eat them. Mammals are sensitive to the chemical because it tickles the nerve fibers that sense pain and heat. And since birds don't have the same nerve fibers as mammals, they can't sense anything. it's necessary for the birds to be insensitive to capsaicin because when the chili seeds go down the digestive track of mammals they get destroyed, therefore they can't be spread in order for the plant to reproduce. So, if the bird cannot feel the heat and the seeds don't get destroyed, then the plant can reproduce once the seeds are spread.
What is favism?
An X-linked recessive hereditary glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) hormone deficiency. When individuals with this deficiency ingest fava beans or inhale the pollen from their flowers they can have a severe reaction, such as headaches, anemia, abdominal pain and possibly a coma.
Chapter IV
"Hey, Bud, Can You do Me a Fava?"

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What are free radicals? How are they harmful? What enzyme in our cells protest against them?
Molecules or atoms with unpaired electrons. And since electrons essentially need to pair up, they go looking for something to hook up with, unfortunately they tend to try and pair with the wrong things. As they look for something to pair up with, they cause chemical reactions that can lead to a red blood cell's early death. Which is one reason why free radicals are thought to be a major cause of aging. The enzyme G6PD, if working properly without deficiency, are supposed to get rid of free radicals before they can start too much trouble.
What does G6PD have to do with malaria?
In a scientific study it was proven that the blood cells of children with G6PD deficiency are up to two times more resistant towards
P. falciparum
(the most dangerous form of malaria) than those without it. Apparently the blood cells with G6PD deficiency are not only not as hospitable to those without it, but the red blood cells die sooner and disrupt the parasite's life cycle.
What are phytoestrogens and how are they related to birth control?
They're hormones contained in plants such as clover and sweet potatoes that mimic the effect of animal sex hormones, such as estrogen. When animals eat too much of a plant that contains phytoestrogens, the overload of estrogen-like compounds screws with their reproductive properties. Too much of the hormone cancels itself out and prevents the seeds from being spread.
World map of the distribution of G6PD deficiency.
Fava beans
The 1940's sheep-breeding crisis in West Australia, where otherwise healthy sheep couldn't get pregnant or were dying before they gave birth, because of the phytoestrogens in the plants they were eating.
"Life is such a compromise."
The author meant that you can't change anything about nature without getting basically the same or a worse result. For example, the author said that when putting insecticides on celery you risk the poisoning the people who will consume it , but at least you're protecting the crop from pests. Around same thing happens to people who farm organically. They're protecting their plant from the dangers of insecticides, but putting it at risk of getting damaged by rodents and bugs. and by damaging the celery, you're filling it with a natural, yet toxic, chemical used to defend itself against predators.
Either way you farm, you're basically running the same risks.
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