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Chuck Taylor Converse Sneakers

No description

Jess Shull

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Chuck Taylor Converse Sneakers

"Chuck Taylor" Converse Sneakers Advertisement Timeline 1952 1940s 1985 Art is simple.
A lot of red, otherwise black and white.
A lot of words.
Advertising for basketball shoes, not fashion shoes.
Lists different options. Black and white.
Picture makes the ad; not a lot of words.
The woman is pretty, using her to sell image; She is in the kitchen cooking a sneaker.
Home cooking may symbolize that these are American shoes.
Logo in the bottom right corner. More color.
Balance between picture and words.
Catchy phrase: "Limousines for your feet." -- May be message meaning these are more for fashion.
Basketball is not even mentioned here -- More worried about fashion and style.
Mentions options like the 1940s ad did; more colors and options though.
Logo in the bottom right corner. 2008 Black and white with Red highlights.
Not many words, simple picture.
Uses celebrity to sell shoes.
Logo in bottom right corner.
Seems to imitate an "old school" look. 2010s Not simple at all.
A lot of colors.
The shoes are drawings.
Shoes themselves are becoming less simple -- Superhero theme.
No logo in the bottom right corner.
Connotation: not classic converse, more childlike/teenager.
More based on style. 2012 Only mention of the brand/logo is on the black hightop shoe.
Far less words.
Does not even resemble the classic ads.
Shoes themselves are much different for fashion and style reasons.
Theme: rough and tough; hardware added.
Shows color and style options. Thesis: Converse All-star "Chuck Taylor" sneakers have gone from being the essential basketball shoe to a mere accessory of fashion because the culture of our society has become more materialistic.
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