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Sir Winston Churchill

No description

hailey newrick

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill
1-When you come to high school its best to keep to yourself because if you don't that's how fights happen.
2-If people come up to you threatning you the best thing to do is walk away and go to a group of friends.
3- The best places to eat at lunch is the poutine place and kfc but i wouldnt go to far from school because you will be late and that looks bad on you.
4- Dont let your friends make you do something you dont want to and if they stop being your friend because of it they were never a good friend
Heres our cafeteria
Our gym
our gym is nice and big and same with olur cafeteria but when ur done in the cafeteria and you make a mess make sure you clean your mess up.
Our library
Sir Winston Churchill is a good place you will definatly enjoy your school years here i know i am. Good luck in highschool guys!!!
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