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Hero's Journey

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Britnee Black

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time I. The Departure Call to Adventure Road of Trials One day Navi the fairy is sent by the Great Deku Tree to fetch Link so he can speak with him about his destiny.. Link gets right into his adventure, without refusal. Because of the curse on the Deku Tree, Link is forced to defeat the first Boss before he is even told of his role in the events about to happen! Guide/ Navi the Fairy is probably Link's most helpful friend along the way. She gives him information on how to defeat enemies, use items and much more. Though, many others help our hero along the way, including... Kaepora Gaebora The Seven Sages And Mentor Navi is also his companion throughout the game. Talisman/Amulet The Kokiri sword, and the Fairy Ocarina, given to Link by his friend Saria are the two items that set him off on his journey to save Hyrule. Crossing the Threshold When Link retrieves all three Spiritual Stones, he must pull the Master Sword from the stone, which causes him to be stuck in time for 7 years. With 7 years of his life gone, Link is forced to adapt to this new world and his new body. There are several small monsters, and three Bosses Link must defeat to get the Spiritual Stones, so he can travel through time. Queen Gohma King Dodongo Barinade Through this whole game, Link is facing all kinds of challenges. From fighting monsters, to saving his friends to awaken as Sages, he's always busy. Brother Battle In the water temple, Link must fight his shadow self. Meeting the Goddess Princess Zelda is kidnapped by Ganondorf in the Temple of Time. Link's adventures take him all across Hyrule! Sacred Marriage Saria
Sage of Forest Chief Darunia
Sage of Fire Link makes special bonds with many characters in the game. These bonds help strengthen him to overcome obstacles. Princess Ruto
Sage of Water Impa
Sage of Shadow Nabooru
Sage of Spirit Rauru
Sage of Light Princess Zelda
Leader of The Sages Answering the Call Threshold Guardians In various parts of Hyrule, magical creatures called Great Fairies reside in their fountains and grant Link special powers. Abduction II. Initiation Entering the Belly of the Whale For the final battle our hero must fight not only Ganondorf, but his monstrous form, Ganon. Ultimate Boon/Magic Elixir Without the Ocarina of Time and the Master Sword, Link would not be able to defeat
the Great King of Evil Ganondorf. III. The Return Rescue from Without In the final battle with Ganon, Link is separated from the Master Sword. Without the blade the Evil King cannot be defeated. Crossing the Return Threshold Once Link's mission is completed, Princess Zelda uses the Ocarina of Time to return him to his original time, 7 years in the past. Master of Two Worlds
Freedon to Live By the end, Link has conquered both the familiar and unfamiliar worlds. The land is safe, and the Kokiri finally accept Link as one of their own. Navi was sent by the Great Deku Tree, who informs him of his fate. The End By Britnee Black
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