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p4-Sarah Snelling

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of p4-Sarah Snelling

made by the one and only sarah:) mesopotamian life communication the mesopotamian people used drawing or paintings to communicate with each other.

they made cuniform the official language in 5,000 bce.

the mesopotamian people wanted there sons to learn how to read and write. the mesopatamians houses were made out of dried bricks, this made for they could stay in one house all yeaar long.

the mesopatamians made sail boats, tools (such as hammers, screw drivers and axe ect.) razers, cosmsetics, and a wheel.

the mesopatamians also made a number system that we use today, they made the clocks and time system. inventions!!! the word "mesopatamian", means "the land between rivers"

mesopatamian is between the euprates river, and the tigris river.

in mesopatamian they get a well amount of water for the land, because of the 2 rivers right by it.

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