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Copy of Bridge in Time Goldstar

No description

Ravi Bhardwaj

on 15 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Bridge in Time Goldstar

NB Gold Star Memorial Bridge
Original Construction 1943

Current NB GoldStar Bridge Overview...
Largest Bridge Structure in State (over 500,000 SF Deck Area)
Longest Span Bridge Structure in the State (5925 LF)
Roadway width (80 min. width curb to curb)
(5)-12 ft. Travel Lanes
(2)-10 ft. shoulder widths
31 total spans - 20 girder-floor beams-stringer spans
-11 steel subdivided Warren Deck Trusses
8 approach Deck Trusses
3 continuous spans over main channel
Subdivided Warren Deck Truss...
Definition of a Deck Truss
What is a Subdivided Warren Truss?
Many Warren steel Trusses were constructed in 1920's & 1930's
Highly Efficient Truss- carries spans from 50-400 ft.
Construction of SB Twin Span
Twin SB Span constructed upstream of NB Span
Built to carry increased traffic loads
Cost: $68 million
SB span will undergo minor rehabilitation in summer of 2017
Where we are... 2015
Current NB Rehab Project
Emergency Declaration - frozen rocker bearings-2014
Current deck & superstructure is "structurally deficient"
Substructure in "fair" condition
Purpose of Rehab: bring bridge to a "State of Good Repair"
Cost: $200 million
Demolition of historic "Old Thames River Highway Bridge" 1944
Originally constructed in 1889 as a railroad bridge
longest double tracked drawbridge
world's longest draw span = 503'
Total length = 1423'
Converted to highway bridge in 1916
Major Widening of NB Span
Existing structure is widened from 57' to 84'
(4 lanes to 5 lanes & wider shoulders)
Wider floorbeams would be needed & are replaced
Bridge deck & Trusses over main channel are replaced
Approach Trusses to main channel are strengthened & east girder appoach spans are replaced
Cost: $23 million
Unique construction challenge & innovation
Substructure Contract:
Priti S. Bhardwaj, P.E.
Conn. Dept. of Transportation

Groton-New London Bridge Renamed
"Groton-New London Bridge" renamed to "Gold Star Memorial Bridge"
Where we are going
2015 & beyond...
Employing ABC techniques
Moveable Barrier
Anticipated Start of Construction: Spring 2018
Goal: extend Service Life for another 25 years
Where We Were....
Groton-New London Bridge
February 1941
NB Bridge
NB Goldstar
Thames River
SB Goldstar
State Pier
Shear Leg Derrick lowers existing
truss section to transfer barge
Prefabricated Sections being floated to site
Shear Leg Derrick
Erection of Prefab Truss Section
Erection of Prefab Truss Section
Shear Leg

Girder Erection
East Approach

Helicopter landing reinforcing steel for
CIP deck (main channel)

Newly widened NB Structure to 5 lanes
Major Repairs Needed...

Prefab. Galvanized Steel Grid Deck
Moveable Barrier
Thank You!
ConnDOT Support Units
New London
G-F-S Approach Spans
Truss-Floorbeam-Stringer Spans
3 Cont. Main Channel Spans
Location Map
Gold Star Memorial Bridge Team 2015
Substructure Contract: ($1.5 million)
Superstructure Contract: ($3.7 million)
Harris Structural Steel Co. of N.Y.
Total Materials needed: more than 100,000 Tons (on bridge alone)
East Abutment
Rebar installation
for land pier
Bridge Piers constructed
More Bridge Piers constructed...
Girder Erection
False work
Complete Steel Span
(Piers 15-19)
Foundation work
for river piers
First Steel Truss span
Traveling Crane
Completed superstructure
G-F-S spans(looking from west Abutment)
ready to start deck work
Forming for the deck
Concrete work on deck
Groton-New London Bridge
is complete!
February 1943...
Dignitaries gathered at toll booths
(Groton side)
(Photo taken at 3:25 pm)
Old "Thames River Bridge"
Groton-New London Bridge
New Railroad Bridge
Old "Thames River Bridge" and new railroad bridge side by side...
Old "Thames River Bridge" converted
to a Highway Bridge
Old "Thames River Bridge" to be
Demolition almost complete...
Old "Thames River Highway Bridge" gone...
February 27, 1943
West Abutment
East Abut.
3 -Span Continuous Main Channel Span
= 352.5'
= 540.0'
Construction begins on twin SB Bridge
Concrete Piers being constructed.....
Prefab. Trusses being erected on Main Channel Spans
Twin SB Span
Anchor Arm
Cantilever Arm
Cantilever Arm
Suspended Span
Balanced Cantilever Erection
Balanced Cantilever Erection
"Thames River Railroad Bridge"
Balanced Cantilever Erection
Construction begins on new "Groton-New London" Bridge
Bridge was part of Southeastern Connecticut "free span" highway bypass
New bridge: 4 lane toll bridge
capacity-5000 vehicles/hr
Cost: $6 million
Construction problems due to WW II
New London-Groton
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