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Genie: Feral Child

No description

Gabriall Iaco

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Genie: Feral Child

Thank You!
Who is Genie?
-"Genie" Wiley
-Los Angeles, California
-Parents: Clark Wiley, Irene Wiley
-At birth, father assumed that she was retarded so he insisted on keeping her isolated
-Mother and brother ordered to not communicate with her
-Isolated in dark room
-Crib w/ chicken wire pull-down lid w/ wires securing it
-Potty chair
-Both had a custom (self-made) strap
-During day: strapped onto potty chair
-During night: strapped into bed
-Spent more than 10 years like this
Feral Child Found
-13 and a half years old
-About the size of a 6-8 year old
-Still wore diapers, barely able to walk or speak
-Father would hit her when she made any sounds
-"A small withered, stooped girl who could barely walk and who held her hands up as though resting them on an invisible rail" (Sociology: a critical introduction, 1996, 117.)
Was it Science or Something More?
Theory: People are born with linguistic abilities but have to learn the language before the stage of puberty or they will not be able to learn language
No sense of language
Already hit puberty
Became center of attention for science
Declaration of the Rights of the Child
Principle 9
: "The child shall be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation"
Wild Child "Genie"
By: Gabriall Iaco
Genie: Feral Child

Removed from household
Principle 7:
"The child is entitled to receive education, which shall be free and compulsory, at least in the elementary stages"
Given education
Expressing emotions
Principle 6
: "The child... needs love and understanding. He shall... grow up in the care under the responsibility of his parents, and, in any case, in an atmosphere of affection and of moral and material security"
Was never given the proper attention
Continuously being transferred to different homes
Further abuse
When fundings stopped, she was abandoned
No Justice:
Given education for her conditions
Help "civilize" her
How to speak
How to express herself
Was provided places to live
People cared for her
Mr. Wiley committed suicide
Day of court
Age 70
All charges dropped for Mrs. Wiley
Victim of Mr. Wiley's abuse
She was used as a science subject
Constantly moved from home to home and institutions
Lived in 10 different places
Still experienced abuse
Was only exploited
Once no longer funded, scientists lost interest in her
Prevented from seeing people who cared for her in the period of being redeveloped
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