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cortney allen

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Argentina

Argentina Argentina has European Influences. They include Argentina's art, architecture, literature, and lifestyle. Meat dominates most of Argentina's menus. Chorizo is a major food in Argentina. Chorizo is a spicy sausage usually made from pork. Along with Chorizo, empanadas are another major food in Argentina. Empanadas are small pies with all types of filling, athough cheese and meat are the most popular. The capital of Argentina and biggest city in Argentina is Buenos Aries. 13,349,000 in population just in that city. The Countrie's population is 41,343,201 (growth rate is 1.0%) The president of Argentina is Cristina fernandez de Kirchner. And argentina is a republic government. Argentina was first explored in 1516 by Juan Diaz de Solis, Argentina developed under spanish Colonial rule. BUENOS ARIES( countrie's capital) was settled in 1580. Soccer is a Major part in Argentina's culture. They have won the world cup many times. Theatro Colon: (El Centro)
The Colon Theater in Buenos Aires is considered one of the four most important opera houses in the world for its acoustics and infrastructure.
Holidays and Festivals

January 1 New Year

March or April Good Friday and Easter

May 1 Labor day

May 11 -18 Art fair

May 25 May Revolution of 1810

June 10 Malvinas Day

June 20 Flag Day

July 9 Independence Day

August 17 Anniversary of San Martin's Death

First Week of October Oktoberfest

October 12 Columbus Day

December 25 Christmas Day

Argentina's climate is generally temperate, but there are great variations, from the extreme heat of the northern Chaco region, through the pleasant mild climate of the central pampas, to the subantarctic cold of the glacial regions of southern Patagonia. The highest temperature, 49° C (120° F ), was recorded in the extreme north, and the lowest,–16° C (3° F ), in the southern tip of the country. Rainfall diminishes from east to west. Rainfall at Buenos Aires averages 94 cm (37 in) annually, and the mean annual temperature is 16° C (61° F ).
The Andean Condor is the largest flying bird in the world. Millions fly within the borders of Argentina. There wing spand is 2.3 meters just from the body to the tip of on wing. This animal is close to extinctin and also flys in Peru.
The Andean Condor AND THANKS TO;


http://www.geckogo.com/Guide/Argentina/Natural-Environment/Plants-Animals/ dOLORES aLLEN Plants in native argentina are often tropical due to the rainforest terrain in Argentina. The cuawera mout eia is often found deep in rainforests such as The Pasis rainforest in eastern Argentina. This plant has soft pink petals and a white middle. The plant is food to rainforest fauna and to cublings of the great tuogo cat. Light snowfalls occur occasionally in Buenos Aires. Throughout Argentina, January is the warmest month and June and July are the coldest. North of the Río Negro, the winter months (May–August) are the driest period of the year. The wide variations of climate are due to the great range in altitude and the vast extent of the country. In the torrid zone of the extreme north, for example, the Chaco area has a mean annual temperature of about 23° C (73° F ) and a rainfall of about 76 cm (30 in), whereas Puna de Atacama has a temperature average of 14° C (57° F ) and a rainfall of about 5 cm (2 in). The pampas, despite their immensity, have an almost uniform climate, with much sunshine and adequate precipitation. The coldest winters occur not in Tierra del Fuego, which is warmed by ocean currents, but in Santa Cruz Province, where the July average is 0° C (32° F ). The Tango dance was invented
in Argentina. Its a very complex dance. Argentina Fun Facts

•Argentina is one of the leading producers of wines ever since the 16th century and has approximately 1800 wineries currently

•The tallest mountain in Argentina is called "Aconcagua".

•Argentina is the 3rd biggest producer of beef in the world.

Pato is the national sport of argentina. Its a mixture of polo and Basket ball.
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