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Family Tree

By Loryn Elliott

loryn elliott

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Family Tree
Terri Ellen
James G. Elliott Sr.
Mary Lee Elliott
Mary Lula Hogan
"Great Grandmother"
Edward Lee Baumgardner
"Great Grandfather"
David Walter Sears
Ellen Victoria Sears
Evelyn Geraldin Johnston Boore
"Great Grandmother"
Harry Francis Boore
"Great Grandfather"
John Albert Johnston
"Great Great Grandfather"
Hazel Ellen Miller Johnston
"Great Great Grandmother"
Jim Gilbert
Elliott Jr.
Some holiday items
that my mom-mom
hand made
I have conducted a small family
tree of where I come from. I will
say that if I did my complete family
you would be watching for quite
some time. So I kept it between
parents and grandparents. I will start
with my mother's side of the family
and end on my fathers side. I hope you
learn as much about my history as I have.

Henry Archibald Miller
Great great great grandfather
Mary Nevada Miller
"Great great great grandmother"
Henry Archibald Miller was full Scottish
Mary Nevada Miller was supposedly full
Native American
I was born on February
9th 1994
Here my Aunt is telling a
story that I have been hearing
all of my life.
The trophies he won for bowling
His memorial Parachute
My Mom-mom, Dada, and Nanny

The bar my he and my father built
together in my old house.
The construction company my Papaw worked for
renovated the Lincoln Memorial. This is a piece of the memorial.
David sears is not my mother's
biological father, but I consider him
as my grandfather. And unfortunately
he passed away before I was born.
My Papaw passed away
December 3rd 1994
Jewelry that Mo was known for wearing
My Grandma telling a classic story
of Mo and Pop.
And That Is My Family
Here my nanny talks
about my mom-mom
My nanny describes my Dada
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