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Various Types of Rock Music

History of rock music from the 1960's to present time, amd the different forms and styles of rock.


on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Various Types of Rock Music

various types of ROCK: Qiuck intro: Rock music came from many other types of music stlyes. Centuries ago rock music was born from African tribal music. The rhythms and beats of the music are similiar. What is Screamo music? Usually in screamo music the lyrics are screamed [duh]. Screamo is a form of "emo" music. It came about around the early 90'S in Europe. People found it to be more abrasive and quicker.
Today screamo is not very popular, but there are TONS of bands that provide screamo music. It isn't usually featured on tv or radio [unfortunatley]. screamo <3: punk rock: Punk rock music became popular in the 70'S.
Punk music represents the more hardcore and rebellious side of emo music. It became really big in the US, UK, and Austrailia quickly. Punk Rock music usually rejected comercialism or political idealism. Punk revolved alot around strongly rebeling from establishments. The physical styles vary from spiked accesories, short hair [or mohawks], leather D:, and logo-ed clothing. EMO music "emocore" ok.. EMo music has been around since the 80'S. It is described as a genre combined of punk and hardcore. Starting in the mid 90'S emo music started to reflect indie rock [short term for independent rock]. The new "Indie Emo" became popular for being less violent, but only lasted till the late 90'S. Today emo is a very loose term instead of being a specific genre of music. First off I'm going to clear something up for all of you. Emo doesn't just mean you "cut yourself" it is a shorter term for EMOtional. www.luv-emo.com Classic Rock and Roll Classic Rock was originally a genre of rock music in the 70'S. Later it expanded to include the 50'S and 60'S. To be considered as classic rock your music had to give the same feeling that it gave when it first came out. Some bands that are considered classic rock are: IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden
Led Zepplin
Beatles and
KISS emo music rocks hehehehehehe u cant see this :P MEtal Rock: Metal music is usually described as very abbrasive, loud and thick, and highly amplified type of music. It started during the 60'S and 70'S mostly in the UK and US. Metal can include extended guitar solos, loudness and emphatic beats. In the mid 70'S heavy metal spread into other genres creating punkrock. By the end of the decade heavymetal had attracked a worldwide community of fans normally called "headbangers" or "metalheads". Some of the first Heavy Metal Bands: Led Zepplin
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath Heavy Metal Sheet Music: following bands: Iron maiden
motorhead THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 HI CHELZ!
~your bestest friend
in the world..KC! =D! !!!! im not ok [i promise]
my chemical romance not goog enough for the truth in cliche
escape the fate final episode
asking alexandria
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