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family medicine

No description

rokaya elkady

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of family medicine

what's family medicine term mean ?
Family medicine
is the medical specialty which provides
health care for the individual and family.
The scope of family medicine encompasses

both sexes
each organ
system and
every disease
“The competence and abilities of this branch of medicine are what we need to help people
save time
The patient can be treated taking into consideration a integrated , holistic , continuous and
comprehensive view

of their state of health and medical history,”
Services produced by Family Medicine centers
each center serve about (

) population
to whom ?
In Egypt, the specialty was first implemented in Suez Canal University in
followed by Ain Shams, then Cairo University, which have been giving masters and PHD degrees since 2003, and where an annual conference is held
every March
to discuss the latest in the field of family medicine
family medicine and it's application in egypt
what's special about family medicine ??
comprehensive view
Follow up growth and developmet
complete medical care
women health
family planning
1-health education : effectes of family planning on her health and her family.
2- choose suitable method for her condition.
3- Follow up.
- MMR ( before pregnancy )
- against tetanus
- against pertussis
- others ( influanza ..etc)
Follow up
Postpartum Care
Health Eduction
check up and early detection of cancer
health education :
self examination of breast ..

All ages
medical care especially for endemic , chronic or infectious diseases

dental care
medical care of emergent cases and simple operation
general services
control of infectious diseases
epidemiological researches, Health surveillance for early detection of outbreaks
improvement of environmental sanitation
provide food inspectors

Registration of Births and Deaths
under supervision of :
Dr Omima Abo-Elkheir
Peresentesd by
Gehad El-sayed
Dina Abd-Elhamid
Rokia Mahmoud
Zhraa Rizk
Zeinab Abd- Elraouf
Zeinab Ali
Family Health Model
provides an integrated approach of the basic service which include both health and population
and manage the
currently fragmented PHC delivery system
- Family Health Unit
- Family Health center
- Referral Hospital
Services centers of family medicine
First Aid Management
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