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Bentley Heath Curriculum

No description

alix critchley

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Bentley Heath Curriculum

Bentley Heath Curriculum Individual Organic Creative "When people discover things they
enjoy and love to do, they tend to
get better at everything because their
confidence rises with it."
Ken Robinson 24 March 2011 Innovative Why do we need a new curriculum? What's in it for us? Why will it be better for the learners? Purposeful Curriculum Links Learning for the FUTURE -
skills for life Global and Local Links
Developing 'worldliness' The Outdoor Environment Embedded ICT opportunities Enquiry based Learning Opportunities for independence -
Learning who they are as learners "People think it's all about the arts, and special things. You can be creative in anything - science, maths, technology, and of course in music, drama and the other arts. A creative curriculum is for everybody and it's about the entire curriculum."
Ken Robinson 24 March 2011 "We envisage schools and teachers taking greater control over what is taught in schools, innovating in how they teach and developing new approaches to learning."

DfE Importance of Teaching White Paper Superheroes THE BIG PICTURE "A school's curriculum has always been bigger than the national curriculum. The best schools offer a vibrant, challenging, well-structured learning experience, and somewhere within it the expectations of the national curriculum are met."

Mick Waters
TES January 2011
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