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Information Systems Presentation - Daniel Gimbert

No description

Daniel Gimbert

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Information Systems Presentation - Daniel Gimbert

Information System Presentation
Information Process
Product Data is collected via a barcode scanner. This data is raw and not in the correct format to be displayed by a display device. Information Process
This raw data is then converted into a format that
is readable by the computers CPU. The device that
converts this data is the barcode scanner.
Information Process
This converted data that is now
readable by the CPU, is then sent to a
database inside the store and the
What is the Enviroment: (Where is the system used)
There is no 1 enviroment
for this information system,
stores are sprung across Data/Information:
Information Technology:
Social Issues: Privacy:
The information collected and analyzed, is hidden from the public, however the people involved in these information systems who manage and maintain them, know exactly what items you have purchased, video camera logs knowing exactly where you have travelled in the store. Security:
of Data
of Information Data:
Credit Card data. that is collected when making purchases is protected by an 128bit encryption mechanism. Credit Card Data does not need to be removed from the system, as it is not collected by the system, rather it is collected by the Eftpos machine. Security: Information:
Information collected by barcodes, is sent to the back of the store but is only viewable by the people employed to work at that store. Accuracy: Data
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